Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The One That Wasn't Planned....

NaBloPoMo Post #3

Not What I Meant to Write


I had a post all planned out in my head for today but kept putting it off. I thought I would have a bit of time this evening to compose it properly. But then our daughter sat down with us to chat about work, and the three of us ended up sitting together for a solid two hours, just talking. Well we mostly listened, and she did the talking.

And I loved it!

Those who know me and this blog know how close Eler Beth and I are. She tells me everything. She still wants me to go shopping with her because she likes my opinion on the clothes she picks out. How many nineteen-year-olds do you know who do that? She asks my permission or at least my opinion before she spends her money that she has earned on something, and when I say, "It's your money, darlin'." She says, "I know, but I just wanted to know if you think I should use for it this."

And she talks to me a lot. But usually Thomas is working long hours, or their schedules don't mesh, and he ends up getting what she has to say secondhand from me. But with him being off work for a few weeks while his thumb heals, he's getting more opportunities to hear about her life firsthand. That's what happened tonight, and it was so much fun. She kept saying, "Sorry, I'm talking so much," or "Sorry I'm keeping you guys up so late." And we hastened to reassure her that we were enjoying just sitting there listening to her talk. 

She talked about how much she loves her job, how much confidence she has in Bryant and how well his training is going. She talked about her pets, her friends, her friends' pets. She talked about why she definitely doesn't want to marry young or even get involved with anyone right now. We heard about her goals for the next few years. We heard about everything. 

So I'm not going to try to make the post I was going to make today because I really am tired and ready for bed, and that post is going to take a bit more brain cells than I have available right now.

The name I chose for this post is appropriate in two ways. It isn't the post I had planned, and it is about the child who wasn't planned. Andrew was planned; Eler Beth was a surprise. And she's the best surprise of our lives!

Happy blogging all!

~ ~ Lori


Helen Fenwick said...

Daughters are so precious specially if you have a great relationship with them as you obviously have. Your best surprise for sure!

retiredruth said...

This is great... I learned a lot about you in a post about someone else! You obviously have a great relationship with your daughter. Reminds me of my granddaughter....she is a senior and will 18 soon and so excited about future plans. It keeps us young!

Lori said...

Thank you Helen and Ruth! Yes, we are pretty close. Both my kids (and my daughter's pets) keep me young. My mother, who is 91, says that her kids (7) and grandkids are what has kept her young!!