Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Breaking The Habit

I'm so proud of my sister Phyllis! This week she has been cigarette free for five months!!!

This is especially significant for P.J. She has tried to quit so many times in the past and has never been able to make it this long before. She is prone to a very nervous disposition and has been smoking since she was a teenager (she turned 56 last month). But I guess this time her desire to quit is stronger than the nicotine.

She isn't on the computer as much, so I don't get to interact with her on Facebook as much as before. The reason? Because she recognizes that the computer is one of her triggers. She was used to sitting down at the computer to relax -- with a cigarette. So she'll go on at least once a day just long enough to check her email, and perhaps check in on Facebook for just a few minutes, but she doesn't play any of the games she used to enjoy or spend a lot of time just surfing the web. Of course, she uses a computer for work, but that's different. I guess I can give up my only real computer-buddy sister for a good cause!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please Vote for Chance

I'm going to ask a favor of my friends.

Chance Anthony is the son of Bruce and Debbie (Stinnett) Anthony, both friends of mine from school. I went all through school with Bruce, 1st to 12th grades, and knew Debbie all four years of high school.

Chance is up for the Rudy Award and has made it into the Top 50. He plays football and basketball and plays well, and that with the loss of the lower half of one arm. Please take a moment to click on this link and cast a vote for him. Just click on the drop down menu next to "player name", click on Chance Anthony, and then click on the vote button.

You can read more about Chance and the Rudy Award here. The top 12 finalists will be announced on December 28, and we hope that Chance will be among them.

Thank you!