Friday, August 9, 2013

School, Work, and GOOD DOGS

I just realized I didn't make even one entry in July. I think it has been a long time since I've missed a month. We were pretty busy last month, and I just don't keep up like I used to. I haven't read anyone else's blog in a long while either. I'll make that a goal for the weekend.

I finally have a weekend that I'm not super busy. I love weekends when I can stay home, and I certainly have a lot of things I'd like to get accomplished around here.  The local school kids started back to school on Thursday, August 1, which I think is way too early and hot to be going back to school, but what do I know. Eler Beth started her home schooling on the same day, but that's different!  Others in the area started on the 7th or 8th and still others are starting next week.

Eler Beth is beginning her Senior year. Can't believe that after this year I will no longer be putting together lesson plans and such. I will miss it. Of course, I may be helping her with college homework. Or, I have thought about going back to school myself to finish getting my degree. Part of me really wants to, even if I never really use it. Part of says, "Are you sure you have enough brains for that?!?" 

I'm already starting to plan Eler Beth's graduation party. Andrew didn't want one when he graduated. He wanted a trip to Florida instead, so that's what he got. He's never been one to have something like that where he's the focus, and we respected that. But this party for my girl is going to be a BIG one; at least that's what I'm planning. I want it to be extra, extra special, because she's an extra, extra special young lady.

Eler Beth is looking for part-time work. She tried everywhere back in the late winter, early spring, but it's really hard for teens in this area, unless they know someone who knows someone; even getting a job at a local fast food place is hard when there are so many applicants.  She has worked for three years part-time for a friend of ours who has a lot of health problems, cleaning for her and running errands and things like that, but that is on an as-needed basis. She loves doing that kind of thing, though, and is very close to this friend. Then in May she posted on Facebook that she was looking for work, any kind of work, and did anyone need someone to mow their lawns or walk their dogs or something. Well, Andrew's best friend had just gotten a puppy, a 10-week-old Australian Cattle Dog, and offered her a job of walking him, helping to train him, and playing with him an hour a day each weekday. She was thrilled to get that and loves taking care of "Batman." She watched him one week while his owner was out of town, too. I wish she had a bunch of jobs like that. They would fit nicely around her school schedule and give her enough pocket money to do her for now. But that job will be ending soon, as Batman is moving a bit further away and won't need as much care through the day anyway.

Also, right after posting that another one of Andrew's friends gave her a weekly job of mowing his lawn. That might last into September or October. So between the three jobs she's been able to make a little extra pocket money, but now she's started putting in applications around the area again. She's saving for a very special trip next year. She is such a hard worker and a go-getter. She doesn't mind doing hard physical labor, and actually prefers it to sitting or standing around. A lot of places will be taking on extra people to gear up for the holiday season, so hopefully she'll get something that she can enjoy and that's close to home. She's such a good girl with a good head on her shoulders. Oh yes, and she volunteered at the local library all summer. She really enjoyed that, and that will look on her resumes too.

One day last week she was talking about a lot of her friends and their dating woes, including her cousin (18) whose fiance' called off their wedding, another friend (18) who just got married, and another friend (17!!!) who just got engaged. Eler Beth is a firm believer in not getting serious at a young age. She has had her crushes, and she has a lot of friends who are guys, but she wants to enjoy herself for a while and find out what she really wants in her life before she goes and gets serious with anyone. And that is, I assure you, all her own idea, not ours (although we applaud it); she is just that type of person. So anyway, she was talking about her friends' break-ups and heartbreaks and so on, and then she suddenly just blurted out, "Girls my age just need to get themselves a GOOD DOG!"  Then she said, "Seriously, I have Bryant to love me unconditionally. And I can shower my affection on him and take him everywhere with me. He listens to me if I need to talk, and he loves and protects me. He's all I need right now!"

Good girl!

Well, I've babbled on long enough. I plan to visit my Blogger friends over the weekend to get a bit caught up. And I might even return and make another post. I hope everyone has been having a nice summer and that all are happy and healthy. Catch you later!