Friday, November 20, 2015

Objects in Mirror Are Older Than They Appear....


NaBloPoMo Post #20

Letters From My Sister, Part One

 photo GlassesandBook.gifThe sister nearest to me in age is Barbara; she's six years older than I. Barbara probably has more talent, all tolled, than all of my family put together. She's an artist, working in several different mediums, a musician, and a writer. And she's just a really good person. She is the main care-giver for our brother Alton, who, after suffering a stroke about 18 years ago, has, in the past few years, declined into a bedridden state. She provides 90% of his physical care, and she does it uncomplainingly.

About three years ago Barbara started writing me a weekly letter -- an actual letter sent through the mail. I've always cherished her letters, beginning with the time she was away in the Marine Corp and continuing after I'd married and moved out of state. Cards and letters between us were sporadic at best. But a few years ago she began writing me, our sister Maxine who also lives in a different state, and one of our cousins, on a weekly basis. Her reason for beginning to write us weekly was, if I remember correctly, because she had a lot of old stationary, cards, and notepads that she wanted to use up. A good reason, right?

Even when there isn't any real news to tell, there is always something funny about her letters, a bit of wry humor, a funny clipping, a witty line drawing, and after reading them I can't wait to read them to Thomas and Eler Beth. It has occurred to me that I'd like to share them with others as well; at least parts of them. I'm not sure how she'd feel about this, but I think she'd give her okay. She's not quite as much of a recluse as she used to be. So another series I'm going to do, along with the On the Topic of Food series will be Letters From My Sister.  

I was recently glancing through a few from this year, and I came across a card she sent me right before my 49th birthday. It was a home made card.  On the cover she'd drawn a woman from behind, sitting in front of a dressing table and mirror.  On the inside was the mirror face with the words, "Objects in Mirror Are Older Than They Appear." 

Inside she'd written to me, 
"This applies to all of us, of course -- but you're the one that's about to get older. Mom was just figuring up how old you'll be, & her comment was, 'My land! My baby, about to be 49 years old...and the next one!...' The next one, of course, well, that would be me."  
I got a kick out of that.

So I look forward to sharing some interesting, funny, or just warm bits from some of my sister's letters, perhaps a few times a month. It will be a nice way of introducing my family to readers, and you might get a chuckle sometimes.

That's Barbara at about 7 years old, holding me when I was a baby. :)
Happy blogging!

~ ~ Lori

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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I am starting a regular feature on Wednesdays called Senior Salon. I hope you will consider writing something and linking your blog to mine on Wednesday.