Friday, November 13, 2015

The First Day of Gun Season....


NaBloPoMo Post #13

Is Tomorrow!


And that means that today was very, very hectic.

Thomas always takes off work the day before the first day of gun season; of course, this year, his broken thumb took care of that for him. The broken thumb is not, of course, going to hinder his hunting. He shoots left-handed, after all.

Eler Beth took off work today so she could spend the day getting things ready and resting for tomorrow.  It doesn't matter how well they have planned, it always seems like there are last minute things to do on the day before gun season opens.

I hope they get something, especially Eler Beth. She wasn't able to get out much last year. And though she has 6 deer and 1 elk under her belt, so to speak, it has been a couple years since her last deer. If it seems strange to some that she is such an animal lover and has taken in orphaned wild animals, but can still shoot a deer, well, she's just practical that way.

I don't buy beef. I always have at least one freezer stocked with deer. We give deer to our family and to some families and elderly friends who otherwise wouldn't have much meat through the year.  We don't waste any meat, and we don't hunt for trophies.

Anyway, today has been busy. I still have this cold that is driving me nuts -- can't hear out of my left ear! I guess I'll end up having to go to the doctor after all. Needed to get a blog post in before midnight, and by doggies, I think I'm just about going to do it.

Will continue the Remiel story tomorrow hopefully.

~ ~ Lori 

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