Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lori in Wonderland -- or Through the Looking Glass or Some-Such Thing!

Last month I had a very strange dream, and, surprisingly, I actually remembered it in vivid detail when I woke up. I told it to Thomas and Eler Beth as soon as I got up, then I wrote it down and sent it to my sisters. Now I have decided to share it with Blogger. It may seem a bit slow and uninteresting in the beginning, but stick with it -- it gets good and Andy Garcia has a cameo!!

Enjoy ~~~

Down the hole

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Okay, so Eler Beth and I walked through these glass doors onto a city sidewalk. I don’t know what kind of building we were in, but we were supposed to be leading the way to a restaurant where we were going to have lunch with Mom and all my sisters and maybe some other people. We went a little way down the street and then looked behind to see if everyone was following us. Mom was just coming through the doors, so I figured everything was okay. It was almost as if we were in a car and they were following in a car, but we weren’t and they weren’t. We were all on foot. I remember wondering in my dream why we didn’t just stop to wait for them, but we didn’t.

After a while I couldn’t see anyone behind us any more, but we kept on anyway. Finally we got to the restaurant, got a table and sat there and waited and waited. Eler Beth had her phone with her, so we tried calling several times. But we could never get anyone.

So while we were sitting there I kept getting up and going to look to see if my family had got there yet. Finally I walked back toward our table, and there they all were, sitting at a table near us, eating!!! Eler Beth and I hadn’t even ordered because we had wanted to wait for them, and they were eating! One of them said that they hadn’t been able to find us, but they'd saved us two seats, and then mom handed me $25.00 and said that Lois (one of my sisters) wanted me to pick her up some _____. (Later I was told what it was, but at that moment it was like it was garbled or something.) Lois was sitting right there, but it didn’t really seem strange to me that she hadn’t asked me herself.

I went back to our table and Eler Beth was gone. I went back to their table and all of them were gone. Somehow I knew that they had all gone on to the NEXT restaurant we were going to, and apparently Eler Beth was with them. So I left the restaurant and started trying to find them. I went into this other restaurant and was searching for everyone, but they weren’t there. A lady asked me if I’d mind holding the door open for her. She was carrying a six-foot tall floor lamp. “I’m smuggling this lamp out of here,” she whispered. I opened the door but must have looked surprised because then she said, “I’m not really." (But I think she really was!) Then another lady came up to her and they started talking.

I started crying. They asked what was wrong. I said I was supposed to meet my daughter and some family at a restaurant and I couldn’t find them and I didn’t have a phone to call them. So the first lady very kindly offered me the use of her cell phone. I thanked her and somehow the three of us were in the first lady’s car. She was driving, but the other lady and I were in the back seat. I tried dialing Eler Beth’s number but never could get it right. The numbers would jump around. I’d think I was hitting the right number, but then that number would be in the wrong place. (That’s a recurring dream for me – a sign of frustration of some kind? – and in my dream I thought, 'Oh great, it’s going to happen just like in my dreams.' )

Finally I started crying again, and the lady beside me asked if I’d like her to dial the number. I wondered why I had never before thought to ask someone else to dial for me in a dream. So she started dialing. I said, “502”, and she repeated and dialed “502”. I said “819”, and she repeated and dialed “891”. I said “No!” and thought, 'Oh great! It’s doing it to her too!!' I said, “819”, and she said “891”, and then I realized that the lady who was driving had opened the door and jumped out and the car was still moving.

So I jumped into the driver’s seat, which was a mile away from the steering wheel. So I moved the seat up, then put my left foot down to the clutch, only there was no clutch because it was an automatic. I finally got the car under control. I was still crying and wondering where we were going. I was just driving and driving.

The lady in the back seat handed me the phone and said, “Here, it’s your daughter.” I wondered how she’d known the last four digits to dial. I took the phone and Eler Beth was saying, “Hello! Hello!” I said, “Hello, Eler Beth! It’s Mom!” But she didn’t answer. I thought, great, she’s hung up because it took me too long to get the phone. Then this man’s voice said, “Hello?” And somehow I knew that it was the actor Andy Garcia. I said, “I need to speak to Eler Beth. This is her mother.” “Well, why didn’t you say anything when she answered her phone!” he asked, very accusingly. I said, “I did, she just didn’t hear me. I need to talk to her!" And I was crying again.

through the looking glass

She came back on the line. I said, “Where are you?” She said, “We’re at the Ducky Goose.” I said, “What the hell is the Ducky Goose?” (Yes, I did say 'What the hell' in my dream!) She said, “It’s the restaurant we were supposed to go to.” “Well, where is it,” I said. “It’s on Hurstborne Lane,” she said. I said, “You’re supposed to be on “Shelbyville Road.” She said, “Well, it’s on Hurstborne Lane, and I really want you to get here.” “Ok,” I said, “but Mamaw wants me to pick up something for Lois and I don’t know what it is.” She said, “Just a minute.” Then she came back and said, “She wants a bag of self-rising flour and some Crisco.” I said, “Is she going fishing?!?” (Because in my experience if someone asks me to bring them flour and oil, of course it means they’re going to be cooking fish. Thomas has trained me well.) She said, “Yeah, she and Monica (a family friend) are night fishing, and they want to cook up what they catch.” (At some point here I remember thinking, 'Wow! I could be having lunch with Andy Garcia!')

alice stepping through

So I kept driving down these country roads, hoping I’d see something or someone familiar. I finally did – the lady whose car I was driving! I stopped and she said, “Oh good. You got here.” She had apparently jumped out to help her husband pull one of their trucks out of the mud with another of their trucks. I apologized for having to drive her car, and I handed her back her phone.

Then I was in the back seat of the car again, and the car was FULL of women. I was in a third row of seats, and the woman directly in front of me turned to face me full-on and said, “My husband is a doctor, and he’s really sick. Doctors make the worst patients!” I said politely, “I’ve always heard that about doctors.” And then she got this stern look on her face, pushed her face up close to mine and demanded, “Do you know my husband?!” I said very meekly, “No, I don’t think so.” And she smiled and said, “Oh. Well he’s really sick.”

And that’s when I woke up.

I think I might have had a fever. Do you think?

Also, later I remembered that in my “pre” dream (the jumbled bits that came before the parts I remembered) I had closed my eyes and seen little squiggly auras and thought to myself, “Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever had a migraine in a dream before.” And don’t you know all that afternoon I felt like I was going to get a migraine? I wonder if this is what happens when you have a migraine in your sleep?

I still laugh when I read this, especially when the lady demands to know if I know her husband!

I hope I was able to give you a laugh as well!

Bye for now...And Sweet Dreams!!

alice chasing rabbit

P.S. I have waited for years to use these Alice in Wonderland graphics, having saved them in my Photobucket account. I just KNEW that someday I'd have occasion to use them.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Cousin is Hosting Chef Hunter

I only found out about this a few days ago.

Carrie McCully is
my first cousin, once removed, and she is hosting a show on The Food Network called Chef Hunter. It premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST. I'll have to give it a look-see.

As far as I know I have never met Carrie, although I may have seen her when she was very
young and her father came to visit our grandmother. Her father is my first cousin Eugene. Eugene's father, Coleman, was one of my father's eldest brothers. Uncle Coleman was married twice. He had one son and four (or was it five?) daughters by his first wife before she died of breast cancer. I never knew her because she died before I was born. He had three children by his second wife, and I knew all of them as they lived just down the road from us, and I went to school with them. The children from his first wife were all much older than I.

So, anyway, another cou
sin of mine posted the info about Carrie on Facebook. He is her own first cousin. His mother was one of Eugene's sisters, so he grew up with Carrie. I'm looking forward to checking out the show. Hope you'll join me!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The "Poetree" and Other Mysterious Sculptures

Since March of this year mysterious paper sculptures have been appearing in various public places in Edinburgh, Scotland, beginning with this one, "The Poetree".

There is an interesting site HERE that shows pictures of all seven. No one has taken credit for the paper carvings so far, and most people involved Don't Want To Know. The sculptures just suddenly appear in libraries or other public buildings. The original blog posting has been updated many times over the past several months as more sculptures show up around the city. The blog I have linked to has very up-close and detailed photos of all of the intricate little sculptures. It will be well worth your time to look at all of them.

What a wonderful, beautiful gift someone is sharing with this city. Each sculpture has a tag that is addressed to the Twitter address of the location where the sculpture was left, with a short message to the recipient. The tag on the Poetree above says:
It started with your name @byleaveswelive and became a tree.… ... We know that a library is so much more than a building full of books… a book is so much more than pages full of words.… This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas….. a gesture (poetic maybe?)
Be sure to look at each of these and read the tags. They are unique and obviously crafted with much love by someone who loves books and words, and who is very supportive of libraries. One of the tags includes the line, "Libraries are Expansive", where the word was originally "Expensive", but the second "e" was struck out and an "a" written over it.

I think this is the most beautiful thing I've seen on the web!

My favorite? I think it would have to be the one left at The Scottish Storytelling Centre, the dragon in the nest below, mostly because I particularly love the tag:
For @scotstorycenter - A gift in support of libraries, books, works, ideas..... Once upon a time there was a book and in the book was a nest and in the nest was an egg and in the egg was a dragon and in the dragon was a story.....

Which is your favorite?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Recommended Short Reading

If you have never read Etgar Keret, you should!

I would recommend "Suddenly A Knock on the Door", a short story that will have you laughing out loud and also "Lieland", a short that is funny and a bit tender. Both are quirky, just like Keret himself.

I SO love this man's writing style!

The link above takes you to Keret's own web site. From that site you can click on a link to Selected Shorts where you can hear four of his stories masterfully read, including the two I recommend above, as well as a brief introduction to two of them from Keret himself. Or just click on this link to go directly to the Selected Shorts site to listen. Click on the underlined "Listen" next to "The World of Etgar Keret." You won't regret it even if you only listen to the first two.

Happy reading/listening!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three-Legged Blues?

Well. It isn't quite this bad.

Three-Legged Blues by Jane Hirshfield

Always you were given
one too many, one too few.
What almost happens, doesn't.
What might be lost, you'll lose.
The crows will eat your garden.
Weeds will get what's left.
Your cats will be three-legged,
your house's mice be blessed.
One friend will take your husband,
another wear your dress.
No, it isn't what you wanted.
It isn't what you'd choose.
Your floors have always slanted.
Your roof has paid its dues.
Life delivered you a present—
a too-small pair of shoes.
What almost happened, won't now.
What can be lost, you'll lose.

"Three-Legged Blues" by Jane Hirshfield, from Come, Thief. © Alfred A. Knopf, 2011

I"ve got the blues. Not, thankfully, the blues described in the poem above -- my floors aren't slanted, I don't have any three-legged cats, my husband hasn't run off with my best friend, & etc. But boy, am I blue!!

I have felt it coming, that slow slide into the dark. It has come early this year, and I'm just about tired of putting up the struggle to fend it off. It's probably the weather we've had for the past few weeks. Maybe it's my age.

Last winter just about did me in. I felt like I was hanging on by the tips of my fingernails. By the time springlike weather came I was panting from exhaustion. The rains were bad for a while but always there was the realization that it was warm, it was spring, there was at least some sun. Then the debilitating heat came.

I have never been able to handle heat. I go around in shorts and short sleeves in 50° weather unless there's a cold wind blowing. I crank the air conditioning down to 60° whenever I feel I can get away with it. The heat kept me from doing things outside the way I would have liked to do. Then we had a couple of really nice weeks. Moderate temps, sunshine, warm breezes. Is that all we're going to get?

The past two weeks have been mostly rainy. Yes, the sun peeks out sometimes; we've had a nice day here and there. But it doesn't seem to be enough for me. I am grouchy and easily irritated. I can feel my blood pressure rise at the teeniest bit of annoyance. I want to sleep all the time. I feel exhausted after I've been up for just a little while. I ache. I have days where all I want to do is read, followed by days I can't bring myself to pick up any book. I'm just not interested. I log onto Facebook several times a day because after I log on, I just don't care to be there. So I log off and come back later. Still not really interested.

I have to make myself pick up the phone to call my Mom.

It's the winter blues. And they're coming early.

And I don't like it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Recommendations

A couple of books that I highly recommend:

GHOST IN THE WIRES: MY ADVENTURES AS THE WORLD'S MOST WANTED HACKER by Kenneth Rufo, published by Little, Brown, & Co., August 2011


A FIRST-RATE MADNESS: UNCOVERING THE LINKS BETWEEN LEADERSHIP AND MENTAL ILLNESS by Nassir Ghaemi, published by Penguin Press, August 2011 (It's especially interesting what he says about such leaders as Obama, Bush Jr., Blair, Lincoln, King, and Kennedy.

Both are extremely interesting reads!!! Links are to a couple reviews.

No, not exactly "Summer Reads", but they were what I was in the mood for at the time! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Buses are Back on the Road Again!

school bus stopOur local schools were back in session today, so I had to remind myself NOT to be on Allison Lane at about 2:30 this afternoon when the high school kids get out!
sun with ballOf course, Eler Beth and I started back two weeks ago, but it has been on a very, very limited basis {grin}. Neither of us has really been in the mood for school to start. After a July of relentlessly constant triple-digit temps and heat indices, our August started out unusually cool. This week we're getting back into more normal temps, however. This is August the way August should be, and I'm glad my girl doesn't have to ride a bus or sit in a classroom on these kinds of day.
Eler Beth is a Sophomore this year!! She'll have her driver's permit soon, and she cannot wait. I'm kind of excited about it myself. When I turned 16 you could take your written exam at any time, and you were allowed to take your driving test 30 days after passing the writen one. But having turned 16 in April I opted to wait until July, so that my best friend (whose birthday was in June) and I could take our driver's tests the same day. Things like that were important back then. :)

Speaking of best friends, I have really been enjoying the Facebook Group "You know you're from Breckinridge County if...." I've been reminded of a lot of things I had forgotten, and I found out a few things I hadn't known in the first place. I've been thinking about writing some posts based on some of the FB posts on this group. I've become reacquainted with some friends from High School, and I was pleased to see a post by my best friend's daughter who is now about 26.

mouse on books Thomas' truck went down last week, and our favorite mechanic is stumped. They're going to do a bit more digging, but I'm thinking of calling Click and Clack on Saturday. lol I see a purchase of another truck in our very near future. I am, at this time, taking Thomas to work at 4 a.m. every morning. If I could get my system to learn to get to sleep a bit earlier each night, I could handle this very well. But right now it is hard to take him to work, get a bit more sleep, and then get up to so some morning schoolwork with Eler Beth. I want to be on a full lesson schedule next week, though, so I'd better figure something out.

Well, I guess that's it. Watch out for those Yellow Buses!school bus

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Uncle Sam Roberts

I should have posted this last month. One of my mother's younger brothers died in June. It was not unexpected. Back in May the doctors had given him only weeks to live, mostly from complications from diabetes, but also I believe from some heart problems. He was a life-long smoker, but was otherwise in fairly decent health until about a year ago. He died at home, with my mother and their brother Carl there when he breathed his last.

Sam was #6 of my maternal grandparent's 9 children. There was one brother between him and my mother, a brother I never knew because he died when I was just a baby. But Uncle Sam I'd known all my life. He was a newspaper man, an excellent photographer, a Little League coach, and a confirmed bachelor. He could play several instruments very well, wrote lyrics and music, and had a beautiful singing voice that was a bit growly and smoky. He and his brothers used to perform for WAVE-3 radio in Louisville back in the 50s or 60s. My mother has some pictures of them in the sound studio, and I particularly remember one of Uncle Sam in front of one of those old-fashioned microphones. Uncle Sam was born with a missing vertebrate in his neck, so he always looked like he was hunching his shoulders.

I attach here his obituary. Please click to read the write-up that his long-time editor and friend, Donn Wimmer of The Hancock County Clarion, wrote in his honor, and a story written by Sam that The Clarion published back in 1982. There are also a couple more pics of him in the article.