Monday, November 23, 2015

Casting Shadows in Opposite Directions....

NaBloPoMo Post #23

Letters From My Sister


Have you ever had a metaphysical discussion prompted by the learning of a new word?
Sometimes Barbara likes to share new words with me, like in this letter from November 8 of this year: 
"Let us say that the circle below [see image to the left]* is the earth, and that the line across it is the equator. You are here.
 "Someone else is standing on the same meridian, but across the equator. At noon, your shadows will fall in opposite directions, which brings me to the point.
"There is a word for that.
"This business of casting shadows in opposite directions is ANTISCIAN, as are the people casting them. (an-TEE-shәn)  I am ashamed to confess that I had never felt the need for such a word, but now that I know there is one, I'm glad...."
 We have long enjoyed sharing new words with one another, being logophiles of longstanding. Origins of words fascinate us, and because Barbara does not use a computer (more on that in a later post), she has at times sent me a word she has run across that she can't find enough information about the old-fashioned way. Or she'll have me look up the history of various spellings or uses of a word. She keeps me on my toes!

She goes on to say in the letter:
"...I like it better than the more common antipodal, at least metaphorically. Where is the relevance of being poles apart, when you may have been cast there, willy-nilly, by birth, or cataclysm, or some other interpersonal institution?  On the other hand, it sounds more meaningful to actively cast your shadow, (vote, influence, evil superpowers, etc.,) in a contrary and perhaps unexpected direction.  Of course, that's only my opinion...which doesn't substantially weaken my position."

You should have been around when we used to make up sentences in Latin and mail them to one another for the other to translate! It was a very good practice exercise!

I like it when I get little line drawings from Barbara included in her letters. And I love the cards she makes herself and sends to me. I'll share more of those as well as time goes on.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Shall I add in a bit of personal news? There isn't much, except that Thomas went for a follow up visit, the second since his surgery. The bone is healing and is still aligned right, but the surgeon wants him to stay off work for at least another three weeks, possibly four. {sigh}  We are learning what it is going to be like when he retires in a few years. 

I'm REALLY enjoying doing NaBloPoMo this year!!

~ ~ Lori 

*When quoting a letter, anything I type in brackets [ ] and/or in a different color will denote a personal comment from me. :)

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