Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Beginning A Bit Dubiously

First the good:  We had such a nice and busy weekend. We were in Indianapolis all day long Sunday. Eler Beth was baptized, so it was a very special day. She made her personal dedication to God last year and now has symbolized that dedication with water baptism. She is still walking on air. She wants to eventually be a full-time minister. She has set her goals and has started along that road. Thomas and I are very proud of her. She and I will share in the auxiliary ministry this month, so she will get a chance to work on her schedule and make sure she is capable of meeting her goals. She will be finishing up school in a few months and getting a part-time job to help support herself as she continues her education, secular and spiritual. I'll share some more pictures on here later, if she doesn't mind, but for now, above is my beautiful girl on Sunday morning.

More good: We went out to eat afterwards with a group of friends. She got to pick the restaurant -- and the friends, haha. We went to Applebee's in Greenwood which was on our way home from Indy, and she had most of her closest friends with her. Thomas and I had the mother of some of the friends, Andrew, his girlfriend and her mother, and a good friend of Andrew's who is married to a close friend of Eler Beth's.  I thought I was going to miss the KY/Michigan game, but they had it on so I got to see UK progress to the Final Four (yay!!). So that was good.  Here are a few pics from dinner.  (You can't see much of Thomas in the second one, but he's there beside me. I have a better one that I haven't uploaded yet. I'll post it later.) And below is a good one of Andrew and Alexandria. I really love that girl, and I hope they stay together. We got stuck in construction and NCAA traffic heading out of the Indy area and it was 1 a.m. Monday morning before we got home!

And now the bad: Thomas has been feeling a bit nauseated for a few days now, but he thought it was just allergies. But Sunday he really couldn't eat much of anything. He couldn't get any breakfast or lunch down on Monday. He'd be hungry, but after two bites he'd know he couldn't swallow another one. Well, you can't work without eating, so he scheduled an appointment with his doctor for after work. He thought it was probably a stomach bug or flu. The doctor did an abdomen x-ray which showed an obstruction in his intestines. So he sent him right to the hospital. 

They did a CT scan Monday night. The CT scan showed nothing. So perhaps it was a temporary obstruction that flushed out on its own, or perhaps an intestine was twisted and it got straightened out. Who knows? But to be sure they are doing a colonoscopy in the morning. 

He will probably get to come home tomorrow. I am exhausted, though. Thomas is not. lol He has been getting a lot of rest at the hospital, but he's ready to come home. And he is NOT looking forward to the colonoscopy, although he knows the worst part is over -- taking the prep solution. But I'm really tired. I have had about 5 days in a row now of constant running to do this and running to do that with not a little stress and worry thrown in, because you can't hear "obstruction" and keep your mind from running on down those "what if" corridors. And I can't do more than a day or two in a row of that kind of going and stressing without it seriously affecting me. My brain has been in a fog all day today, and I have felt my "operating system" shutting down. If I hadn't had Eler Beth to do all the driving today, I don't know where I'd have been. Haha! I just re-read that last sentence and realized that I'd made a joke, although not on purpose. "...all the driving...don't know where I'd have been." Get it?!? Yes, I'm going to bed now.

But I'll get some sleep tonight, and I don't have to be up too early in the morning. I will go by Thomas' work to get the FMLA paperwork to fill out, get out to the hospital about when he's finishing up the test, and wait around to see what the doctor says. 

So March finished up wonderfully, but, aside from the gorgeous day we had today, April has started off a bit dubiously. But it will get better, I'm sure. Just had to de-stress a little on here before going off to bed. Happy April everyone!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letters From Barbara

Barbara still writes letters. You know, actual hand-written, stick-a-stamp-on-it-and-put-it-in-the-mailbox letters.

Barb is my sister closest to me in age. I've written about her here, and mentioned her in other posts. I posted a few pictures here.  She's a private person, not computer-savvy and doesn't want to be, and in a lot of ways I'm closer to her than to my other siblings. She has always written letters to me since I've been married, but for the past several months she's been writing me once a week. It started because she wanted to get rid of some old cards and writing paper that she had, and she enjoyed it so much that she has kept it up. Sorry to say I don't respond weekly like I should. She also weekly writes our sister, Midge, in Florida and to one of our first cousins, Sharon.

I love Barbara's letters. She's a very talented writer, and it shows, even in a simple letter to me. There is often something funny that she tells me about or some strange thing she's been thinking of, and I almost always get a smile, a chuckle, or even a belly-laugh out of her letters. So I have decided, after long consideration, to share some of her letters here on my blog. I don't think she'd mind too much. After all, Midge and I often tell friends about things she's written to us, and that's what I'd be doing on here as well. And sometimes her letters are much more interesting, funny, and blog-worthy than anything I could think of to write.  (The picture is of Barbara holing me in 1966.)

So expect Letters from Barbara in the near future.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meet Grandma Betty

I never saw any need for an Instagram account. I just knew I'd never want to post pics or videos on one. Even after I was forced to get a smart phone, I still refused to succumb to Instagram,  I don't have anything against Instagram, I just didn't think there was any particular reason to have one.

Well, now I have one, and it's because of Grandma Betty. If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, I shared her story from a local TV station, so you might have seen it my post there. If not, here's a link to the interview they did with her:

"Louisville Teen Dedicates Instagram Account to Ailing Grandma"

I enjoyed the pictures and videos that the article included, so I opened an Instagram Account to join in the fun with Grandma Betty. At this time she has 70,000+ followers, and, according to her grandson, it gives her great pleasure to find out each day how many more she has. 

I guess it's as good a reason as any to have an Instagram account.

Monday, February 17, 2014

"How doth the little Busy Bee...."

 photo 4956106.gif

I found out recently that a friend-slash-neighbor-slash-cousin used to read my blog, and I never knew! She saw a comment of mine on a post on a Facebook page for my high school and sent me a friend's request. She only lives a little ways down the road from my Mom's house and even closer down the road from her parent's house. She was a classmate of my sister Lois, is a second cousin once removed, and I went to school with her brother. So anyway, it was really nice to connect with her. I always thought she and her sister were two of the sweetest and prettiest girls I knew. She told me "I used to read your Dusty Pages and enjoyed reading about your family and learning more about my own thru your posts and pictures." I'm glad she let me know, and now I wonder how many other people I know or have known who might actually have stumbled onto this blog.

I am tired of winter! And I know I am not the only one. Traci DeSheles, a J-Land friend, posted a link to this funny US National Weather Service forecast for Nashville Tenn. today:
Enjoy the warm weather this week, Facebook friends. Nurture it. Cherish it. Remember it fondly. High temperatures at Nashville starting today and going through Saturday are expected to run 59, 66, 63, 70, 58, and 61 degrees. You could make the argument that since we were punished with such a long period of below normal temperatures, we now deserve the flip side. It's a legitimate argument. We do deserve that. But, alas, winter shall reassert itself at the start of next week. The ECMWF flashes the dread 1044 millibar high over South Dakota. The polar front jet slices through the southeast and lands just south of Tennessee at one point. And by this time next week, our flirtation with spring will be a vague memory. The fresh buttercups we clutch in our hands will frost over. We will be dragged back into winter like a hungry man invited to a feast and then asked to leave. We will wail and gnash our teeth. We will once again don our winter coats, our gloves, our big furry hats. And still, it will not snow."

That actually sounds like our own forecast, basically. I will enjoy it while it's here and try not to think too far ahead to the nasty weather we will probably once again have in a week's time.

As I announced on Facebook I'm trying to spend less time on that site, and, aside from playing Mah-Jong on there rather obsessively, I do seem to be doing well. I am not reading as many statuses, even family's statuses (I have the strangest urge to write "stati" as the plural of status!!!), and I am not posting as much or "liking" as many posts. 

I have so many things I want and/or need to get done in the next two months! Eler Beth is finishing up her high school curriculum, or at least she's supposed to be doing so. I have to admit that we have let a lot of things slide this year. As long as she can pass her test for her diploma, though, she'll be fine. She's making decisions about what she wants to do this summer and this fall regarding school and vocation. We have three trips coming up in the next several months for which I have to save and plan. And then there are things I want to do in my yard and to my house, inside and out.

I am going to try to do more writing in my blogs because I really want to. I am still working on the book I began in November, and I am leading the March discussion in the online reading group I belong to. So yes, my plate is rather full and I'm feeling pretty good about it. If only spring would come! In the meantime I'm all for clutching those "fresh buttercups!"

Friday, January 31, 2014

It's a Good Thing I Didn't Make a Resolution

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I do sometimes set reachable goals for myself at the beginning of a new year, but I also do that throughout the year. 

Anyway, it's a good thing I didn't make a New Year's Resolution to write more often in my blog, isn't it? Maybe I'll do better in February.

And it's a good thing I didn't make a resolution to diet in January because I have been eating anything and everything and as much as I want. It has been cold, and snowy, and yucky here, and I've indulged myself this past month. Maybe I'll do better in February.

My daughter is 18 years old now! I find that hard to believe, but I think she's finding it even harder to believe. But what's REALLY hard to believe is that I'll be 48 in a few months. Phew! How did THAT happen!

Okay, enough chit chat. I made a post for January. And maybe I'll do better in February.  : )

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Getting in a December Post

I really meant to post this month, truly I did. But it proved to be a very busy and a bit stressful month, and for the last week I've been sick with a head and chest cold that has made me miserable. I am feeling quite a bit better, though, and I am thankful that I haven't had the stomach bug a lot of people have had around here.

Nothing really to say tonight, I just wanted to make one last post for 2013. Hope everyone has had a nice evening, and I hope that 2014 is everything you want it to be!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ruminating on Stobs and Seasoning Sheets

Well, I made 26 posts last month, so although I didn't complete NaBloPoMo, at least I posted more than I have in previous months this year, and a few of the posts were even halfway decent!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! After several days in a row of cold temps and rain, 50+° and sunshine was very welcome. I even hung some laundry out. Any time I can keep from using a dryer, I will do it! I may have written about this before, but once I was drying some sheets out on the line, and I said to Thomas, "My sheets are probably almost totally dry. I'm going to bring them in to season them." And I kind of shocked myself, because I couldn't remember having used that term before. But Mom used to say it a lot. She'd have something that she had mostly dried outside, then she'd bring it in and "season" it in the dryer or (in the wintertime, especially) in front of the fire. 

I looked at Thomas with a shocked expression on my face and said, "Did I just say 'season'? Where did that come from?" I was just surprised to hear it come out of my mouth, because it wasn't something I normally would say, and I didn't have any conscious thought of using the word. And Thomas said, "Yes, you did, and surprisingly I know what you mean!"

I find that more and more often a word or phrase from my childhood will pop out of my mouth before I can stop it. For example, not too long ago I cautioned Eler Beth to "watch out for that stob" when we were walking through some woods. She said, "What's a stob?!"

Did you ever run around barefoot when you were a kid and step on a stob? Well I did, and I can still recall the pain. Stubbing your toe on one was just about as bad as cutting your foot. And if it cut your foot, it would almost invariably be on the soft arch or under or between your toes; wherever it would be the most painful while it healed. 

I was thinking about the word "stob" today, so I decided to see where it originated. I found conflicting information. One source says it is from a Gaelic word, and it would make sense that my Scottish and Irish parents would have used the word. Another source says it comes from a Middle English word meaning stump. I'll have to do more digging. Anyway, regardless of the origin, in my little world it's a broken off or cut off stump of a small tree, bush, or thick weed, even, that sticks up out of the ground just enough to either stub your toe on it or step on it and cut your foot.

Okay, so I've started off December with a post, and I'll try to post several times this month, even if I don't post every day.