Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving Day

Okay, well, here I am. I guess for now, at least, I'll be moving my own cheese and starting a new Dusty Pages here at Blogspot. I'm assuming that when AOL Journals migrate, all my entries will migrate into my archives here. I hope. (Will be saving them some other way as well, just in case.)

So, here I am, and please let me know your blogspot addys or other blog location addy if you have one (or as you get one), and I'll make sure I have you on here. This doesn't seem too bad. It's not quite as easy as AOL journals, but there are a few bright spots. I may be calling on those of you who are already here to help me out if I have questions. I guess I'll be moving my other journals as well.

It's a rather gray day here in Southern Indiana, weather-wise, and now it's rather gray journal-wise as well. Oh well, forward we go!