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And Then There Was Sanaki....(lots of pictures!)

NaBloPoMo Post #22

All The Nyans, Part Nine

Back in June we had a hard rain than caused a lot of flash flooding of small creeks and rivers. The water went down pretty quickly, but for a while a lot of people had some flooding problems. Eler Beth got a call from a former workmate who had saved a small kitten from the flooded creek near her house. She said it was a very young baby, and would Eler Beth like to take care of it and try to find it a home because she wouldn't be able to do the bottle-feeding every day? So we hopped in the car and drove over to pick up this bedraggled orphan.

She was a very small torti calico with a pointy face and huge green eyes. She was skin and bones, so she'd either been an orphan for a while, or her mother was a stray and hadn't been in great shape either. We brought her home, and Eler Beth gave her a bath. She was a perky little thing, very interested in her surroundings, and didn't seem shy or scared of us at all. 

We housed her in the upper room of Remi's condo, no longer needed for Soren and Illyana.  We had been expecting to have to bring out the bottles and formula and start that process all over again, but we soon realized that although this kitten was tiny, she was not as young as we had been told. As a matter of fact, from her teeth, her eyes, and her demeanor, we were pretty sure she was at least five weeks old, possibly older. She could eat regular kitten food and lapped water just fine. It wasn't long before she was doing her business in a litter box.  

We kept her isolated from the other "Nyans" until we had her checked out and were pretty sure she was healthy. Then we introduced her to the others while still putting her up in the upper room at night.  Remi was taken with her right away -- she was just another playmate for him.  Soren and Illyana, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with her.  Bryant was happy to have another baby to care for. 

We called her Sanaki, or Naki for short. Nothing phased Naki. Bryant irritated her when he tried to clean her, but she put up with it. We'd take the kittens outside for a few minutes, and she was ready to wander off and explore while the other two stayed very close to us. She was about a third of their size but had an attitude three times bigger! 

We thought we had found a home for her, but that fell through.  I was skeptical as to whether she'd ever be pretty -- she was so skinny and that little face was so pointy. But as she started to put on some weight and fill out, her cheeks rounded out and her eyes didn't overpower her face so much.  And now I have to say she is quite beautiful. She has round, owl eyes, that look like big, green jewels in her face. She is serene and sweet and plays like it's going out of style.

We'd had her for about four weeks when we decided she was not going anywhere. Any other orphans that might be taken in in the future would have to have homes found for them, but Naki was already part of the family. Sori and Illy had finally adjusted to having a little sister, and our little "Scoop o' kitty" as we called her was here to stay.

We love all four of our little "Nyans."


Remi, Soren, and Illyana when they are all just a couple of months old, snuggling up together in Little Bit's bed.

Below, Remiel the night we first got home with him. Eler Beth fed him, and then he dropped off to sleep in her hand. He was only 5 weeks old.

 Soren also was very good at falling asleep in your hand!

Right, Remi being cute!

Below, Remi and Illyana, snuggled up together. Remi likes to look out the window. 

~ ~ Lori

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peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't believe I have every seen a fox like that before. We have to cats Ziggy and Kravitz. And also our dog Daisy.

I was here earlier in week and made a link on my blog, which I visited though out last week