Monday, November 16, 2015

Remiel,The Fennec, 5th and Final Part


NaBloPoMo Post #16

All The Nyans, Part Seven


 After picking up Remiel from the breeder on Sunday (see previous post), we stopped to get some lunch. Then we decided that since we were in Florida, even only for the day, we should take at least a half hour for the beach.

So we took our lunch, the fox, and the kittens, and went to a beach to wade a bit in the Gulf and pick up some shells. Eler Beth found so many hermit crabs in their shells. Made us want to plan a trip to visit my sister in St. Augustine soon. But what we really wanted was to get Remiel home.

We started on the long drive home, stopping to feed kittens a few times and to feed Remiel once. He cried quietly and really wanted to be brought out of his carrier, but we knew it might not be safe to do that. At one point Eler Beth opened the carrier just enough to put her hand in, and he stopped crying and snuggled up to her hand. Sometimes he would hear the kittens crying and that would interest him. We looked forward to getting him settled in.

 Eler Beth feeding Illyana on the ride back to Indiana.

Eler Beth getting a little sleep on the way home.

We got home early Monday morning, May 18. Thomas had already left for work, so it was just us when we got home. We got Remiel settled into his new digs (a nice, big ferret condo), got the kittens put in the "upper room" of the condo, fed everyone, and then let all of us get some sleep.  We would pick up Bryant that evening and introduce Remiel to everyone.

More about all our little mammals, kittens and fox, -- the Nyans -- in the next few posts; more pictures of Remi and the kittens as they've grown over the past few months, the new kittens, the even newer kittens, and some other things. :)

Happy blogging!

~ ~ Lori

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