Sunday, November 1, 2015

All The Nyans....


NaBloPoMo Post #1

All The Nyans, Part One:


We call all the little mammals in the house "Nyans," even the fox. "Nyan" is the Japanese word for the sound that a cat makes, and it is also a video which became a meme a few years back. 

On days that Eler Beth works I take care of the dogs, cats, and fox, to whatever extent they need until she gets home. That usually involves taking Bryant (her big dog) outside and putting him in the kennel or on a tie-out and feeding him his breakfast if she has to go to work early.  That is never a problem. Bryant is such a sweet, good-hearted dog, and he loves his "grandma."

Back in April she fostered two newborn kittens found abandoned on the side of the road. They didn't even have their eyes open. That involved around-the-clock feedings and cleanings and changing of bedding. They were supposed to be only fosters, but all of us became attached -- even Thomas -- so they are now OUR cats. They will never leave. Right after we got them it was time for her to go to Florida to pick up Remiel, the Fennec Fox she had bought. At five weeks old when we picked him up, he was just barely older than the two cats, so they have grown up together. 

Then in June she fostered a kitten that a friend had rescued from the floods in our area. She was tiny and bedraggled, skinny, but old enough to eat solid foods. The original plan was to find her a home, but.... Well, she is now one of the Nyans, along with the older two cats and the fox. 

So on days when Eler Beth works I will message her on her break and say something like, "Fed Bryant and put him outside for a little while and fed all the Nyans." Of course grandma duties also quite often include playing with and treating Bryant and the Nyans. :)

Now we have three foster kittens, again acquired before their eyes were even open, that absolutely will not stay here when they are old enough to be adopted. We have found a home for one of them already.  One of them is a bit sickly and requires more patience in feeding; the two bigger ones take a bottle just fine, but this one has to be fed with a medicine dropper.  Their eyes are open now, and they are starting to play.  So now the message from me to my daughter when she's on her break is, "Bryant is fed and outside. I've fed all the Nyans, and I fed the babies." 

I enjoy doing it, and I love that my daughter has a heart that is never too full to take care of abandoned babies, but I have to admit that I will be ready when this round of bottle feeding comes to a close and these three babies have found their permanent homes somewhere else, much as I love them!

Pictures coming in a future post along with updates.  Hope you and yours (and all your nyans) are doing well!

~ ~ Lori

Bottle Feeding Soren and Illyana


Barb Pinion said...

What a wonderful experience this must be. I love animals, dogs first, cats second. At one time I had both. I enjoyed reading this post and will definitely be keeping up with what you write. Hope your day was amazing.

ADB said...

Your 'nyans' are quite a handful, but how lovely!