Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cookies Goooood!

PhotobucketEler Beth as she's spooning chocolate chip cookie dough onto the cookie sheet:
"I'm glad we got this big tub of cookie dough. We should always keep some on hand. Whenever I'm craving something sweet and I'm out of candy I can eat cookies. When I'm out of candy I get irritated." Pause. "By the way, I'm out of candy."

"Are you getting irritated?" I asked with interest.

"No," she said, with a 'duh' inflection to her tone. "I've got cookies!"

On a side note:
With a feeling of panic, my mind spinning trying to catch on the right gear, I turned to Eler Beth this evening and said, "Did I just turn 44 or 45?!?" (I swear for the life of me I couldn't immediately recall!)

She smiled and just rolled her eyes!

{shh...the correct answer is 45}

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Formal 2011, Before the Big Event

I was allowed to take some photos before they left, and I hope they don't mind if I go ahead and post these before they get the chance to post their own. They are under orders to take lots of pics at the dance, so I'll be back with more!

This is old hat for Andrew, but it's Eler Beth's first "grown-up" party!

There was a plane going over.

My cutie-pie!

My other cutie-pie!

I sat on a wasp first thing this morning, so I told her, "Don't sniff a bee up your

"My heels are sticking in the ground!"