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Bottle Feeding Kittens, Soren and Illyana....


NaBloPoMo Post #4

All The Nyans, Part Two


Back in April, as we were preparing for the arrival of Eler Beth's Fennec Fox, we got a surprise handed to us -- two orphaned new-born kittens.  A friend of ours called to say that a friend of hers had found them on the side of the road. Their eyes were not open, but began opening within a couple of days, so we estimated their birth date as April 15. 

This wasn't the first time Eler Beth had bottle-raised a small animal (and I knew it wouldn't be the last!), and she was thrilled. We quickly stocked up on kitten formula, bottles, nipples, bottle brush, pee pads, and second-hand baby blankets. The little girl, the buff colored one, she named Illyana, and the gray male she named Soren. 

We had no intention of keeping them. After all, she already had Bryant in her room, and soon the Fennec fox would be here. We didn't think it would be any problem to find a home for them when the time came.  

Bryant quickly showed that he was going to be really, really good with a little fox, because he went right into "dad" mode with the kittens. He LOVED the babies. They were HIS babies. He would go check on them in their carrier periodically. He cleaned their little bums. If you asked him, "Where are your babies?" he would go right over to them and look at them. And if I came into the room and took them out with me, to feed in another room or to bathe them, he would get a little agitated until I brought them back.

Now the only thing we ever worried about regarding getting the fox was how Bryant would be with him. He'd always been good with small dogs and puppies, but we weren't totally sure how careful he'd be with the fox. Our fears were put to rest when these kittens came.

They thrived under Eler Beth's care, with a bit of help from me, and of course we became attached. We never dared voice our attachment because Thomas, we knew, would not want a cat in the house. He has an allergy, although in recent years it doesn't seem to be as bad as it used to be. But after our last cat died, he said he didn't want any more because he didn't want to have to deal with it if it died. But with these two every time I'd say something about Eler Beth finding them homes, he'd say, "You don't hear me rushing you." Or I'd say, "You know she's going to be very picky about who she gives them to." And he'd say, "Of course she is. I'm not rushing to get rid of them."  We knew there was hope!! :)

As you will see if you read future posts, circumstances occurred that caused Thomas to become VERY attached to the kittens, and they are now part of our family. I'll go into that more as I continue the story of the Nyans which extends into the stories of getting the Fennec fox, another surprise rescue kitten, and....  But I'll just leave that for now. 
Illy used to love to sleep under the desk on the keyboard tray. She's too big to fit there now!  The last picture here is of them last month when they turned six months old. More on the little ones of the family soon! Happy blogging all!

~ ~ Lori 

Remiel, The Fennec Fox

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