Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Zor and Zam"

Day 14 of 31 Days of The Monkees:

Today was a gorgeous pre-spring day. I got out and did some yard work and played with the dogs, and Eler Beth gave them and the rabbits a good brushing. I hope we don't pay for this wonderful weather with more bad storms.

Today's song is "Zor and Zam", an anti-war song written by Bill Chadwick and John Chadwick. It is from their fifth album, and has Mickey on lead. I love his voice on this one.


The King of Zor, he called for a war
And the King of Zam, he answered
They fashioned their weapons
One upon one, ton upon ton
And they called for a war at the rise of the sun

Out went the call to one and to all
That echoed and rolled like the thunder
Trumpets and drums
More upon more, war upon war
Rolling the call of "Come now to war"

Throughout the night they fashioned their might
With right on the side of the mighty
They puzzled their minds
Plan upon plan, man upon man
At the dying of dawn, the Great War began

They met on the battlefield, banner in hand
And they looked out across the vacant land
And they counted the missing
One upon one, none upon none
The war, it was over before it'd begun

Two little kings playing a game
They gave a war and nobody came
And nobody came
Nobody came

This is the version from the TV show:


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"Shades of Gray"


"Your Aunty Grizelda"

"Pleasant Valley Sunday"

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"Papa Gene's Blues"

"This Just Doesn't Seem to be my Day"

"I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog"

"Early Morning Blues and Greens"

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NEVER heard of this song? Learning alot from your posts on The Monkees. It was beautiful here today too. A GREAT day to be outdoors.