Saturday, March 10, 2012

"The Girl I Knew Somewhere"

Day 10 of 31 Days of The Monkees:

We have had another very pretty day. I'm ready for spring and done with the rain and cold. It's still a bit chilly, but I couldn't resist opening the sun roof this afternoon when I was running errands. Speaking of running errands -- gas here went up to $3.99 & 9/10 a gallon yesterday. If it doesn't go back down, that is seriously going to make me make some changes in how I do things. I should be more careful, anyway, when it comes to driving in town and plan my trips more carefully. I've become lax in that area, and there's no excuse.

Today's song is "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" written by Mike Nesmith, with Micky singing lead. The song was released as the B side of The Monkees' third single, with "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" on the A side. Rhino issued an alternate version of the song with Mike on lead (probably the original recording, remixed) as a bonus track on their 2007 reissue of "Headquarters". I've read that although the first version had been recorded with Mike singing lead, a new version was recorded with Micky singing lead because the group didn't think that a Mike vocal would be considered for a single.

I like both versions very well, but (even though I prefer Micky's voice usually) I think I like the version with Mike singing lead better (I like the back up better too)!! (The harpsichord part was done by Peter accidentally during the first recording session and Mike liked it, so they went with it.)


You tell me that you've never been this way before,
You tell me things I know that I've heard somewhere,
You're standing in the places,
And you're staring down through faces
That bring to mind traces of a girl,
A girl that I knew somewhere.

I just can't put my finger on what it is,
That says to me watch out don't believe her,
I can't give any reasons, girl,
My thoughts are bound down in a whirl,
I just can't think who in the world
Was that girl, I know I met her somewhere.

Someway, somehow,
The same thing was done,
Someone, somewhere,
Did me the same wrong.


Well, goodbye, dear, I just can't take this chance again,
My fingers are still burning from the last time,
And if your love was not a game,
I only have myself to blame,
That's as may be, I can't explain,
Just ask the girl that I knew somewhere.

And if your love was not a game,
I only have myself to blame,
That's as may be, I can't explain,
Just ask the girl that I knew somewhere.

The version with Mike on lead:

The single version with Micky on lead:


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Learning all kinds of things about the MONKEES I did not know. Very interesting, indeed. Gas prices are through the roof here, too. It's ridiculous, for sure. take care.