Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Daily Nightly"

Day 21 of 31 Days of The Monkees:

My kids are going to the opening of "Hunger Games" tomorrow night, standing in line from about 6:30 until midnight. They already have their tickets. Andrew's girlfriend and some other friends will be there. They want me to come too, but I just don't do the standing-in-line for hours thing anymore!

I do want to see the movie, though. I really hope it does the book justice; all three books are so good. I told the kids I'd go in a week or two -- they said they'll go back with me! lol Eler Beth has a friend who wants to see it but can't go with them tomorrow night, so we'll take him with us when I go.

Today's song is "Daily Nightly", written by Mike with Mickey singing lead. Mickey introduced into the band the Moog Synthesizer with this song; he actually bought the third one ever sold. I don't remember who purchased the first, but Buck Owens bought the second. Interesting, huh? This was the first use of the Moog Synthesizer on a pop record.

I really like this song; I love the poetry of the lyrics, it's a pretty, rather soothing melody, and I, of course, like Mickey's vocals.

Mike might be a bit "out there", but you have to admit he could write some good lyrics.

The lyrics:

Darkened rolling figures move through prisms of no color
Hand in hand, they walk the night, but never know each other
Passion cast in neon lights light up the jewelled trav'ler
Who, lost in scenes of smoke-filled dreams,
Finds questions, but no answers

Startled eyes that sometimes see phantasmagoric splendor
Pirouette down palsied paths with pennies for the vendor
Salvation's yours for just the time it takes to pay the dancer
Once again, such anxious men find questions but no answers

The night has gone and taken its infraction
While reddened eyes hope there will be a next one
Terror signs look down upon a world that glitters glibly
And mountainsides put arms around the unsuspecting city

Second hands that minds have slowed are moving even faster
Toward bringing down someone who's found
The questions, but no answers

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My daughter is all excited about The HUNGER GAMES too. But she's sick and will not be able to go.