Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fairy Tale

Day 25 of 31 Days of The Monkees:

First things first: UK will be playing U of L in the Final Four!! They beat Baylor much more easily than I had expected. Kansas and Ohio State will also face off in the semi-finals.

Okay, so I can remember a few specific episodes of The Monkees show, and a couple of specific scenes have always stayed with me. One of my favorite scenes is from the episode "Fairy Tale", where Mickey is Goldilocks.

Fast forward to minute 2:19 to see that particular scene. I don't know why, but it always cracked me up, and I like saying that line like he does on certain occasions.

The Monkees Screen Tests

"What Am I Doing Hanging Round?"

"Star Collector"

"Daily Nightly"

"Love Is Only Sleeping"

"The Door Into Summer"

"When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door"

"Mary, Mary"

"No Time"

"Randy Scouse Git"

"Zor and Zam"


"Mr. Webster"

"The Girl I Knew Somewhere"


"Shades of Gray"


"Your Aunty Grizelda"

"Pleasant Valley Sunday"

"Last Train To Clarksville"

"Papa Gene's Blues"

"This Just Doesn't Seem to be my Day"

"I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog"

"Early Morning Blues and Greens"

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