Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day of NaBlo and NaNo

Well, November has come to a close. It's hard to believe that December begins tomorrow. Oh well, it means that Spring is just that much closer.

I finished NaNo early, early this morning. (It is titled "Piece of Work", in case you're wondering.) If you've kept up with the word count on my sidebar, you'll have seen that I've updated it in spurts. My plan to do 90 minutes a day was shot pretty early in the month. Surprise, surprise! But I'd do spurts of several thousand words at a time, and so I stayed pretty much on target. My own word count was a bit more than NaNo's official word count after I submitted it, but it's still over 50,000, and that's all that matters. Perhaps they don't count chapter headings.

The last third is absolute drivel. It's going to be embarrassing to read it to do the edit. But I will, because it would hurt too much to leave that wound gaping. I must fix it! Then I'll turn it over to my sisters to get their opinion, like I always do.

So, other than 50,000 words this month, what else happened? Let's see. Eler Beth had a horrible cold but is just about over it. She got a deer on the first day of gun season, and Thomas has goten five since then -- four does and one button buck that is counted as a doe. A friend of ours who is currently out of work will have a freezer full of meat at least for the winter, and so will we and a few family members. I watched and was enchanted with the first season of Sherlock!

We lost Copper, which was very hard. I got a sweet little, prickly hedgehog named Sophia. I wrote some humorous haiku and loony limericks to please my sister, Barbara. I decided I wasn't going to rake (read: have Andrew and Eler Beth rake) my front yard until I was good and ready. (I have gotten good and ready yet.) I got to see Thomas roller skate for the first time in many years. And I lost another 2.6 pounds, bringing me down to 1*0.8. I'll push for two more in December, and then maybe I'll get serious and go for four in January.

Guido suggested I do NaBlo again in December, but I don't think I'd better commit to that, although I would like to commit to doing a bit on my other blogs, perhaps a different blog each week. I will try to post semi-regularly, though. I've been keeping up with my blog reading this month, and I'm very proud of that.

But for now, I will leave you and the month of November with this cute little video via The Office of Letters and Light. This guy could have been writing for me!

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Gerry said...

I think you accomplished a lot. I enjoy it when you decide to do these writing projects. There were several entries that were just outstanding, and I am so impressed with your daughter Eler Beth's command of the English language, composition and stick-to-itiveness. Oh, and what a beautiful gift Thomas is providing to an out of work friend, a freezer full of venison. That made my day just reading about such simple generosity. That is one thing about hard times is people do such extraordinary things for each other. I love Sophy. She really added a great moment to your NaBlo and NaNo!