Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Burning the Biscuits

I made breakfast for dinner tonight. I decided I wanted biscuits and gravy, and since no one else had any objections, I fixed omelets for whoever wanted them, fried some sausage, and made home made biscuits and gravy.

When my biscuits are done, I always turn on the broiler to brown them on top for a couple minutes just before I take them out. While they were browning I was stirring gravy, and wouldn't you know it, I burned the tops of the biscuits! It wasn't too bad, just bad enough for Andrew and Eler Beth to scrape off or take off the tops. Thomas and I just ate them. Some were more burned than others, but they really weren't that bad! And the gravy was so good, that it didn't matter if the tops of the biscuits were a bit darker than they should have been.

But that reminded me of my Uncle Johnny, my mother's baby brother. He liked his biscuits burned. He would have approved of these, and might perhaps even have preferred them a bit blacker on the top than they were. I don't know why he liked them that way, but whenever he and his family would come up to visit us, Mom always had to "burn" a batch of biscuits just for him. It became a family saying -- "these look like 'Uncle Johnny' biscuits." Well, that's what I made tonight, Uncle Johnny biscuits.

And by-dogies, they were really good!


Rose said...

LOVE biscuits and gravy!! we have been having a lot of eggs for dinner lately especially since hubby makes great hash browns.!

Barbara said...

If you called them "Blackened Biscuits" you could probably put them on a menu in a chic restaurant and get $10 a plate. ;o)

FrankandMary said...

Somehow I am going to fit by-dogies into a conversation within the next 24 hours.
It takes a lot of work to ruin a biscuit; I would have eaten them also.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love having breakfast for dinner sometimes.