Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Didn't Rake My Leaves

And I'm not going to. I like the way they look on my front yard. It is now covered in pretty yellow maple leaves. My neighbors on the right haven't raked theirs either. Miss B. on the left probably doesn't like this.

Well. I may rake them. Eventually. But not right now. When they dry out (it actually rained yesterday!) I will enjoy the way they crunch underfoot.

And that's my post for today!


Anonymous said...

I had someone says to me: I wish they would all fall at once & get it over.

Yikes. I think they are so beautiful & I really enjoy the gradual process.

Lisa said...

I am happy to hear it! I love to see leaves in the yard. I always wonder why people are so obsessed with leaves. Hubby says it will kill the grass - whatever. I think nature knows exactly what she's doing.

ADB said...

Here in the Scottish isles we have a very powerful rake for leaves. It's on as I type. A gale.


Paula said...

Some people like to put their neighbors on a guilt trip about leaves. I usually end up falling for it but maybe not this year since raking makes me down in my back. wouldn't that be a good excuse?


I like the way the leaves go crunch under my feet. We haven't raked either. My neighbor on the other hand, does it twice, or three times, a day.