Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Game is On

If you haven't already seen the new BBC series, Sherlock, you must give it a try.

I had second thoughts about a 21st century Holmes and Watson, until I read this review, from a blogger whom I respect. After reading that I couldn't wait to see the first episode, and there is no way I could write a better review than she did, so please use the link and read it yourself.

The first episode is called A Study in Pink. It is available to watch on the PBS website, on Masterpiece Theater, until December 7. You can watch it here. Well, go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay, so just make sure you DO watch it. I tell you, I was prepared to dislike it, and 18 minutes into that first episode I had my first laugh-out-loud moment. I was watching it on my laptop, lying back in bed, and I woke Thomas up. So I had to explain, and the next day he and Eler Beth and I watched it together, and they agreed it was very well done. There's a nice little surprising twist at the end, too, that has nothing to do with the mystery. That's all I'm going to say.

I love a show or movie where the main characters can communicate as much with a look or with body language as with words, and these two fellows do that. Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood were brilliant at that, by the way.

I'm picky about portrayals of Holmes and Watson. I want to be able to like and even sympathize with Holmes. He's always right, is arrogant and self-absorbed; not too easy to like, right? But the writers of this series and the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch got it just right, I think. Also, I don't want Watson to be short, short-sighted, or not an equal to Holmes. Again, the writers and Martin Freeman did a great job with him. I even liked how they did Lestrade!

The second episode is The Blind Banker, and I'm just going to let you look forward to that without saying anything about it. It, too, is available to watch online until December 7.

The third episode, The Great Game, airs in some areas this Sunday on Masterpiece on PBS. I haven't seen it yet. But make sure you watch the first episode so you can see how Holmes and Watson got together before you watch either of the other episodes. That's an order.

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