Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alberta Lori

For my post today I would simply like to ask you, if you haven't already, to please call by Lori's blog and leave a comment. She has opened up her blog to comments again. I see that many of you have already left messages, but if you haven't, please do. You can also leave her a message on Facebook if you are friends with her.

Today I'm keeping Lori and her family in my thoughts and prayers.


Missie said...

which Lori? Let me know and i'll head right over.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joann said...

I went over there twice, through Guido's link (I think it was Guido's). Anyway, I was not able to post any comments either time.... maybe because I'm not a follower???

Lori said...

Perhaps she turned comments off again. I'm not sure Joann.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Thanks.