Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Closing

Eler Beth finally dropped off to sleep. The birds are confused because she was up so late in her room, and I kept coming in and out to bring her something or check on her. They are singing loudly, but she is sleeping soundly. She woke up this morning with a low-grade fever. During the latter part of the afternoon she started sneezing off and on, and then this evening she was sneezing almost constantly. Allergy medicine finally settled the sneezing, but it was still a while before she relaxed enough to get to sleep.

I will be taking her to the doctor tomorrow. This thing keeps hanging on. I still thing with her it is mostly allergies, but she has a lot of congestion, her ear was bothering her, and she is achy.

On a good note Thomas is feeling much better today. He reacts very quickly to medicine.

I raked leaves and sweep leaves and bagged leaves and hauled leaves around the yard. I'm tired of leaves! I figured I'd better take advantage of the good weather. It is supposed to be nice for a few more days, chance of rain on Tuesday, nice the rest of the week, but a bit colder.

Please tune in on Wednesday, Veteran's Day, when I will share some of my Dad's WWII Navy stories.


Jeannette said...

I hope she feels better really soon. I shall look out for your Veterans Day posting. I have already done mine as we had our National Mourning over the weekend but we still keep the two minute silence on the 11th

That corgi :) said...

good idea to get Eler Beth checked out if she's still having some symptoms; glad Thomas is feeling better

that is one thing I don't miss about Montana, the raking of leaves. love the leaves and the prettiness of them, but when they start falling to the ground, then its not such a warm fuzzy feeling towards them


nancy said...

at my old house we had to drag leaves to our curb. NOw that we moved, we don't have to worry about it anymore. I love leaves but it can be alot of work. Have a good week. Nancy

lisaschaos said...

Yeah, I'm pretty tired of leaves. :) lol