Monday, November 16, 2009

No Boredom For Me

When I picked up my desktop from my computer geek last week I found out he'd been in the hospital for pneumonia -- brought on by H1N1!! That's the closest it has come to me.

Everyone is feeling better at my house except for me. I'm still achy and so tired and sleepy. I have also had the urge these past few days to read Kafka. Should I be worried, do you think?

Eler Beth is feeling a lot better, but she is SO BORED!!! I didn't feel up to doing anything special today like taking another downtown walk, so other than school she was pretty much on her own. Andrew took pity on her and played video games with her for a while, and she went with me to the grocery. But I read her post tonight, and she says today she was SO BORED!!! Sometimes I wish I could have some of that boredom. OR it would be nice sometimes to wander around the house, letting out huge sighs and whining, "I'm so stressed!!" Wonder what they'd do if I started doing that?

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Jimmy's Journal said...

Hah! They'd freak out. Mom's are perfect with no problems. You knew that, of course....