Monday, November 23, 2009

Driving Dreams

Eler Beth hasn't been able to complain about being bored lately because she's had somewhere to go every day. Today she went with me to the winemaker's shop in Louisville so I could get some campden tablets and a new bottle brush. She's a good companion to have along anywhere we go because she is constantly looking around and taking note of what she is seeing.

Lately she's been talking about how soon she can get her license or at least her permit. Today she told me "When I get my permit and want to go somewhere you can say, 'Well, okay, but you'll have to drive,' and then I'll drive and you can just sit back and close your eyes and take a nap or something."

I said, "Nooooo, you'll have to have been driving for a loonngg time before I take a nap while you're driving," I laughed.

This is CAKE doing a cover of Bread's "Guitar Man".
The little boy in the red shirt starring in the video is the lead guitarist of the kid band, "Still Pending". It's a very good video and CAKE does a great cover of "Guitar Man".


A Middle Aged Mom said...

My daughter has been driving a few years and I still do not take naps in the car. Don't think I ever will! LOL

That corgi :) said...

loved when son got his license (took me a few months to be comfortable with him driving but then it did free up a lot of my time, LOL)

I do think they like to get their license for a bit more autonomy


LYN said...