Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

It rained yesterday and today, but that's okay. I guess we needed it.

Tomorrow Thomas is going hunting. Eler Beth was going with them but decided this evening that she's not really feeling up to it. I think she's done her part for the year, but I know she'll get back out there before season ends. We have two deer in the freezer and gave one away. I do like having my freezer full of meat for the winter. It's a very good feeling, especially when you know it's clean and preservative-free! lol

I thought I was having the house to myself tomorrow (gave Eler Beth the day off to go hunting), so I was going to do a writing marathon. I'm still going to. I told Eler Beth if she stayed out of my hair and let me write I'd still give her the day off from school. I'm going to try to do 6,000 words tomorrow.

I saw the mutt out on his own again today. They didn't keep him up long. But maybe he got out honestly this time. He ran after a neighbor lady walking her dogs, and one of her dogs is a rottweiler. But she's a sweet old rottweiler, and she didn't do anything about the little mutt yipping at her heels. The neighbor shooed him off and they went on with their walk. I'll keep my eyes on him though. If he's out a lot again, I'll have to call again.

Hope everyone is having a good week.


Paula said...

Good rest of the week to you too Lori.

sober white women said...

I have not had fresh dear mood in a very long time, but yes having the freezer stocked is always a good thing.

Debbie said...

I'm glad your freezer is stocked with meat for the winter and hopefully you won't have an ice storm and lose power for several days and lose it all. I've never been able to get deer meat to taste right no matter how I cooked so I gave up trying years ago. It always tasted strong and wild to me but my brother can bbq it and it's really good.

I hope you're feeling better and were able to reach your goal of writing today.