Monday, November 30, 2009

Garden and Gun

I don't subscribe to many magazines. I used to do so, but finally convinced myself that I was usually wasting my money. There are a few that I like well enough to buy a subscription, and occasionally I'll buy something at the check out that catches my eye. I like Reader's Digest, Woman's Day, Family Circle, things like that. Sometimes I'll buy a decorating or gardening magazine or something I've never read before just to check it out. Once in a while I'll buy a magazine sub
scription or renew a subsriction from someone's child who is selling them as a fund-raiser. But I have seriously over the past few years cut down on the amount of magazines that come into the house.

However, a few months ago a college kid came to our neighborhood selling subscriptions. He was very personable, so I actually gave him a few minutes of my time and listened to his spiel. I let him talk about his college major and his school, which happened to be the same university my grand-niece Summer is attending. I told him right off that I really didn't need any magazine subscription but I made the mistake of glancing through his little catal

And this name caught my eye and my fancy: GARDEN AND GUN

Now how could I resist a magazine with a name like that??

Well, I got my first issue last week, and it is really a cool little magazine with some very interesting articles. I don't know that I'll renew my subscription, but I think I'll actually enjoy it for a while.

A sampling of the articles in this issue:

The Bog Man and His Secret Garden
At Home in the Wild

There is even an article about a Kentuckian:

Firefly populations dwindling? Who Turned Out the Lights?

LOTS of articles worth reading. I was really pleasantly surprised with the topics covered and the quality of the writing and the photographs.


Kathy said...

I think I too would find the name enticing enough to purchase too.

It sounds interesting.

lisaschaos said...

Huh? Garden and Gun? So, it's about feeding yourself? I mean gardening and hunting?