Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 15

Day fifteen into National Blog Posting Month, and I have no idea what to write for today.

All weekend I have felt like someone worked me over really good with a baseball bat. I think part of it was just from exhaustion. Thursday night I didn't sleep well, then Friday was extremely busy and tiring, and I didn't sleep well Friday night. Then I was up early Saturday to see Thomas and Eler Beth off to the woods. I slept all day Saturday, just getting up to go to the bathroom or answer the phone, until they got home. Then of course I had to admire the deer and make a blog post. lol

Today was much the same. Slept all morning, then watched cheesy romance movies on the Hallmark Channel all afternoon. Even as I sit here my head is spinning, and I really just want to get back to bed. I hope tomorrow things are back to normal.

Thomas got a big doe today. Eler Beth stayed home. The deer are all still on ice, and tomorrow we begin the packaging process. Rain is in the forecast for this week. I hope we don't get too much, but I can't really complain because we've had several dry and very nice days in a row.

I am behind again on blog reading, but I will start catching up tomorrow. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts again, and don't want to get too far behind.

And that's it for today.


That corgi :) said...

it is hard to come up with a new blog post every day

hoping you feel better soon and back to baseline


ADB said...

It's a blogpost you're writing, Lori, not a prize-winning novel. Your entries continue to be interesting and entertaining, so don't give up.

Rose said...

thank God I had the wedding, kid's moving in and out and family visits or all my posts would be the same old bratty bus kid stories! xo

Lori said...

Thank you Guido for helping me keep it in perspective. lol