Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wading Around In Blog-Land

I am having a hard time settling down to make regular entries in my BRAND NEW BLOG! (That's a family joke, by the way. Remind me and I'll tell you about it later.)

I subscribed to most of the journals I read on Google's feed-reader, and I have them organized to my own personal specifications. Now that I am "following" these migrated journals on my Dashboard I find they have also been imported into my feed-reader -- which is good, don't get me wrong, because I really prefer that over the Dashboard thingy -- but they were all out of place! So I have spent hours today organizing the blogspot journals I plan to follow, and I still don't have all of them done. And I can't seem to think about making any regular entries on my own journals until I get everyone else's in their rightful places.

While I was spending hours organizing blogs I spent some quality family time with Thomas and the kids, or mainly Thomas and Andrew. Thomas had pulled out his B. C. Rich guitar and was sitting in here trying it out, when Andrew decided to join him. It is rare that he and Thomas sit and jam together. Eler Beth had gone to the Harvest Homecoming in New Albany this afternoon with a friend, and she went to bed not long after she came in. So I sat and listened to the guys playing and talking guitars and music while I grumbled over finding and matching up Journalers with Bloggers (or Spotters, as Ken says) and AOL Journals with Blogs and putting them in their new permanent, nice and neat, well-organized homes on my computer screen. Not a bad way to spend the evening.

Is there a limit on how many blogs show up on the "Blogs I'm Following" list on the front page of your blog? I don't want just a few to show up; that wouldn't be fair. I went to my Dashboard, went down to the Reading List and clicked on Manage, and was blown out of the water by the number of Blogs I am following. Oh yes, it tells you that right at the top! I'm not going to tell you how many it said. I had no idea I was reading or keeping up with so many journals. (That's why I have them organized; it doesn't seem so daunting that way.)

I still haven't uploaded any of the pictures we took last weekend on our camping trip or even the zoo pictures Eler Beth took a couple weeks ago. Perhaps I'll tackle that project tomorrow. Speaking of projects, Thomas has to replace a brake line on my car tomorrow morning. I was sitting in the drive-thru at Burger King when my foot, which had been resting on the brake pedal, suddenly went all the way to the floor. I drove home very slowly, making good use of my clutch and the neutral gear, and irritating anyone unlucky enough to find himself driving behind me. But I got home safely.

I may be around to visit everyone tomorrow or Monday. I feel like I have a cold coming on, so I may stick around the house tomorrow even after Thomas fixes my car. The weather here is still very beautiful. I hope we have a few more weekends like this one and the past few we've had before the real cold temps set in. And I hope this cold I feel coming on is nothing more than that.

I hope that everyone is settling in; hope Donna and others who are still having trouble migrating can get moved over soon, hopefully Monday; and if I haven't been by to greet you in your new home or if you've just set up, please leave me a link to your blog in a comment or email me. Everyone have a good rest-of-the-weekend, and that's all I've got for now.


Anne said...

Many hugs and much love to you AND Eler Beth. Anne

Beth said...

Hey Lori, don't forget to tell us about the BRAND NEW BLOG thing! Was that a quick enough reminder? And is it anything like the announcer on "The Price Is Right" saying, "And take a look at your BRAND NEW CAAAAAAR!" Ha ha!

Sounds like you've had a very pleasant weekend so far. I hope the remainder is as pleasant, and that you can fight off that nasty ol' cold.

Oh, and I heard from Indigo tonight that there is a limit to how many blogs you can follow: 200. That's probably a good thing!

Hugs to you and yours, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for the "spotter" reference. I know what you mean about the numbers thing - it seems to take several hours, especially during the week, to keep up. But the important thing is that our community is intact. Hope you can find the right balance - I know I am looking for mine :o)

lisaschaos said...

It looks like you're settling in good. :) Keeping up with the blogroll is sometimes hard as I follow quite a few peeps too. :) Your new place looks GREAT!

D said...

love the layout.. I've got a ton on my reader list but now that things are settling down I'm hoping it will get easier to follow everyone.
So far no go on the migration... AOL and Blogger suppose to be workin on it.. we'll see.

Lori said...


Linda said...

It does take time to read all the journals doesn't it! The Reader thing helps a little, I like that it's all in one place at least. Hope things settle down for you soon and that the cold doesn't become a full blown downer!!

Pooh Hugs,

Pamela said...

Hi Lori. I'm having a bit of trouble sitting down here, too. It just isn't feeling the same yet. But, it'll take time. I'm SUCH a creature of habit! LOL
Hope you have a good night and don't get sick.
Hugs Pam

Bill said...

I'm impressed that you can keep such good order of this whole Journal move stuff. Although I think I've gotten away from AOL with everything. It is all still a mess. My Regards, Bill

Yasmin said...

It's a lot of work geeting all the journals organised I really appreaciate what you mean, the only thing now with those migrated,hopefull when they write entries they put their new links.
Glad you had a good weekend and look forward to seeing your pictures from last weekend.

Jenny said...

I need to find out how to organise things, i just work my way down my blog list.
Jenny <><

Leigh said...

My list seems to be getting longer with each day. I'm still disorganized, but working on it. :)
It may take a while for things to "settle down to normal pace", and regular entries. The point is we're all getting herea nd finding each other-slow but sure!
Have a great Sunday!
:) Leigh

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I've found the blog list on the sidebar to be extremely unreliable at updating entries. I go into the Dashboard and Google Reader and lo and behold there were several entries made. For some reason, people are also having url problems and change them so the links I have aren't correct anyway. I've spent so much time "wading" through this mess that I'm half crazy. HUGS

Heather said...

When I first started using blogger, which was by choice months ago, I had trouble at first getting started. I like it here, though.

I just started using the follow feature, and I am not sure I like it. But I have been using bloglines a couple of months and I like it. MUCH easier than clicking on everyone, everyday to see if he or she has updated.

I am glad that the breaks went out in line rather in an emergency situation. Lucky for you to have such a handy husband!

Hope you are geeling better today. :)

a corgi said...

so neat to have hubby/son both enjoying time together in an activity they like to do (guitar) I bet its neat to listen to them

glad you made it home safely from your car troubles! glad you have a husband who can fix them

hope your Sunday is a good one and hope your cold, if you are catching one, isn't too bad of a one


Lynne said...

It must have been scary with that brake issue, glad you got home safely!

It is kind of cool here today, and I feel sleepy. Think I will be missing church today and then need to get cracking on my studies. I'm procrastinating, as usual LOL.

I Have Tea said...

I'm loving this - it's easier for me than AOL was, for some reason. It'll take a while to adjust, though.

Listening to your two guys jamming together must have been great. :-)
Hope you feel better soon. And thank you for all your help!

Rose said...

I feel reborn here and I love the term spotters! It is confusing though! Take care of yourself and have a great rest of the weekend! rose

sober white women said...

I am really starting to like blogger.... now that I am getting the hang of it! My question is why am I not getting notices that people have posted.... if the blog is private. I am glad that you got some quality time with the hubby.

Terri said...

I have a ton of journals i am following as well, what can we say...we are

Glad you made it home safe with the brakes issue...that can be scary.


Traci said...

I hope you don't get a cold. Lou and I have been sick all weekend. Does not make me happy!
Your evening sounds lovely.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Everything seems so out of place when it's new. Your like me, I have to have it organized or it just doesn't work for me. Hope your enjoying your weekend,
Take care and have fun,

Dawn said...

I am totally loving the Dashboard! LOL anyhow... your blog looks great and I am having fun over here!

be well...

Coelha :B said...

That must have been so scary driving like that! I'm glad you got back home safely! Julie

Barbara said...

Just now getting around to doing any visiting.

Bug decided not to try to keep her journals. What will Eler Beth do?

natalie said...

Dear Lori, Please come by and leave a comment!
Lurkynat's World
I cannot find Kelli nor Marti
please send me their links!
I am a follower!

Celeste said...

The follower thing is fairly new. I have not gotten around to all of my blogs I read. I need to soon. I like Blogger better than AOL. You can decorate easier! I will be back into writing this week I promise. I use Newsgator for my reader. I suppose I could try Google reader but for now I am sicking with that one.

LYN said...

you and me both on the blogs I'm following!! and i have 98 followers? huh? where the hell they all come from...LOL!!

Janis said...

lol I know..coming over here I seem to have added several new journals to read! :) It's hard keeping up with them without the constant reminder in my email.

Have a great day!


Martha said...

Since I took two sick days last week and have spent every spare moment I've had getting organized with journals, mirgating, blogs, photos, etc. I'm all finished and now I can't stop writing entries! I keep finding new blogs and making new friends too! I'm more addicted than ever! LOL! As of this morning I'm following 98 blogs - did I beat you?

Amanda said...

I am signed up for feedburner...they send you and email when I update. I can't figure out any of the other dashboard or bloglines or anything. Way too much work for my little brain.

Way to go in doing all you do and hope you dont get sick!

God bless-

P.S. A great home remedy is to put a few or a lot of drop of peroxide in your ears and let it sit for 10-15 mintues. Great preventative and great bacteria killer!

Lisa said...

It sounds like alot of fun listening to the guys jam together. That would be a cool night in my opinion. I am finding it difficult to keep up with everyone and everything that is going on. I think I'll fall into a pattern but the weather has been so nice i want to be outside alot too.