Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm An Idiot!!!

Guess what I just saw. Talk about a "Duh" moment!
I clicked on the add image icon.

And now I can type this the way I want it with my image next to it.
Yes, if someone finds me, please keep me safe.

It's a bit unwieldy, and isn't EXACTLY what I wanted, but it'll do for now.

Have a nice day!


Indigo said...

Lol, be nice to yourself, it's a whole new experience. (Hugs)Indigo

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Your my Hero! Have a wonderful day!

Amanda said...

So glad you are getting used to and enjoying the new blog! Looks great!

Many blessings-

Beth said...

Lookin' good!


Janis said...

Looks good...I'm still figuring out exactly how to get the pictures to match up with my writing but it will come with time! :)


Traci said...

Such fun figuring out all of this!

Anne said...

I hear it takes a lifetime to find oneself and then it's too late. haaaaaaa...... Anne

Lisa said...

Yay I'm in and able to comment LOL! Hope you got my invite... I think I saw that you did but if not here's the link. Just trying to find eachother all over again here is a bit of a picnic.... especially while learning some new buttons tips n tricks.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog post! I need to meet other blogger s like you who are friendly and gentle. I just started my new Journal at Blogspot and would like some help finding and visiting Christian people of like interests. I am a happily married, retired man, and a disabled Vietnam Vet in Wisconsin.

Tom Schuckman

Janie said...

Hope you find yourself. lol Have a great weekend. Janie

Martha said...


a corgi said...

LOL; such a nice learning process; its good for us; shakes up our world and makes us think!! its been fun reading everyone's problems and how they have fixed them; it will help me when I get over to pretty things up over at my journal; thanks for your kind comment there :)

enjoy Sunday!


Gina said...

I have not added all the bells and whistles to my blog yet....trying to figure it all out. My goal right now is to FIND everyone and Follow Them here on Blogger.
I wanna figure out how to put a BIG picture on the top of my blog. I think Donna mentioned she got help from Indigo....or Indigo got help from Donna.....LOL!!! I am SO confused!!! Oh, Pooh!!!
I'll get it sooner or later! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

good job Lori!

Nelishia said...

Lori; I am in remedial blogger here. I got so frustrated that I tore up my first one. Now I've got another one but the same name. You'll have to erase the link for me if you want to keep up with me, and add the new one below. I'm going to write if I have to write on all white pages but right now, it does not bring me pleasure and only tears to be over here. So don't feel like you're the only one. You've gotten way farther down the road with yours than I ever did and I spent hours on it.


michele said...

hi lori, your new blog is looking great! Not an idiot just finding your way, you will get there!
my new blog is
take care
mrs t xx

Cathy said...

Looks fine to me Lori, more than I can say for my feeble attempts!

Char said...

Your Blog looks GREAT! I am just hopeless! I may never get there!