Friday, October 3, 2008

Urgent Message From Guido

Guido, (Northern Trip)while out of town this weekend, took the time to leave us a message that is very important. I copy his first paragraph here:

Greetings from Inverness.

I urgently need to tell you that it has proved impossible to migrate the dormant journals, including those written by the deceased, to Blogger. If anyone does have access to them, it can be done; if not, copying the entire journal manually is the only option. Lori [helmswondermom on AOL] mentioned on her Blogger journal that saving it as an ebook is apparently an option - please check her journal. Haven't got the link here, and have only very limited time.

I am desperately sorry about this.

Guido had offered to migrate dormant journals and was more than willing to take on that daunting task. But apparently the journal owner or someone who can access them as the owner has to be the one to do it. So if you want the journal of someone who is deceased or who no longer journals on AOL, for whatever reason, you will need to save it yourself, either manually or onto your own computer as an eBook. I don't know any other way to save it on your computer, but perhaps someone else does.

I wrote about this in a previous entry, but I'm going to outline it again. Apparently a couple of other people have tried it and it worked for them using Internet Explorer. I did it using AOL software.

So, either from your AOL browser or Internet Explorer, open the journal you wish to save and expand it to fill your whole window.
Click on FILE at the top left of your screen
Click on SAVE AS
Now when I did that it opened up the Save Web Page box and saving it to My eBooks was the option already opened and ready for me.
I hit SAVE, and it did
I went to My Documents, click on My eBooks folder, and there it was in its entirety, minus pictures that had been uploaded from AOL Pictures

I don't see why this would suddenly disappear once journals are gone, but I guess anything is possible. Other than manually copying and pasting, this is the only way I know that will save it to your hard drive. But, again, if anyone else knows, please get the word out.

I got an email from someone who had read Guido's post who was panicky because she thought he was saying that our own journals can't be migrated. NO, our journals will migrate. But any journals who's owner is not available to access the journal will not be migrated. There are several journals out there that the community does not want to lose (Pam, Penny, etc.), so I know some of us will want to save them. I don't know if they can be transfered from one to the other of us as an eBook, but that is something I'm getting ready to try with mine right now.


Beth said...

Hmm...I was able to save Ken's AOL journal without signing in as him...? I used the method you mentioned, but Internet Explorer.


alphawoman said...

I just want to make sure that Frank's jnl is saved. He was one of the original's and passed away early in J-Land existence, maybe Nov 2003...I'll e-mail Guido with the info.

Anonymous said...

Ummm I can't save my AOL journal.... I don't have E-Books on my how can i do it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I cant remember pam's screename I was once on AOL journals and I cant belive that its been what 2 or 3 years now that shes been gone :(

I thought that I would stop by and welcome you to the new neighborhood :D

Take Care,