Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saved To CD

Last week I was able to save my old AOL Journal onto my hard drive as an eBook. On Friday my son wanted to make sure that it wasn't connected by some link that would require the internet to read it, so we disconnected the internet and were able to open it as an eBook on the computer. All of my pictures and graphics were there except the few pictures that I had loaded onto my journal from AOL Pictures (since I've already moved those pictures for safe keeping). So now I'm fairly sure that after the journals are deleted from AOL, the eBooks that have been saved will still be safe.

So then Andrew wanted to see if the journal could be burned on a CD. We burned it successfully. When we opened the CD, NO pictures or graphics are on there, but everything else, the layout and the text are there. I tried opening the "Show Recent" comments, but it tells me it's loading and then never loads. I'm going to try again, though. (Also, it opens in a browser window -- Firefox for me, since that's what I'm set for, but it would open in IE if that's your default browser.) So if we can save the dormant journals onto an eBook, they could be copied to CDs and sent to anyone who wants them, but there would be no graphics or pictures on the CD, only on the eBook. I'm not sure if the eBooks can be emailed or saved to another format that can be shared, but I'm going to play around with that when I have some time today.

As I figure more out about this avenue I'll share what I know.

Of course, I've been gone all week, so perhaps someone else already has all this information out there? I have a lot to catch up on I know.


Leigh said...

I managed to save the entries to text in a word document. I don't have AOL software, so there's no eBook listed anywhere.
I'd really like to save the comments, too.
Is there a way to save the comments too? I have Vista Home Premium OS.
I never learned to add pics or graphics, so I don't have to worry about that.
Any ideas?
:) Leigh

Pamela said...

I'm gonna try that ebook thing. What a great idea!! Thanks!

Donna said...

Even with AOL software, I didn't get the "save as e-book" option. Darn it.

Amanda said...

You've done a good job keeping all those memories safe! Well done.

Many blessings-

Anne said...

I've tried this, but E-books does not come up for an option for me. Glad you were successful though. Anne

Traci said...

So you can burn it to a cd and it saves all of your comments as well?
Did you have to save it to word first?

Yasmin said...

I saved my journal the way Donna said last week then moved into the e-book, it is all intact so will now burn it onto a CD.

Thanks for the tips.