Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April at Last!


by Richard Le Galliene

So, April, here thou art again,

Thou pretty, pretty lady!

With broidered skirts of sunkissed rain --

A grown-up girl, already!

Thy sister May

Is on her way,

And June, with tresses shady;

But, of the three,

I love best thee --

Thou pretty, pretty lady!

Thou hauntest all the sobering year,

With echos of thy laughter;

And life is nought till thou appear,

And but remembrance after.

Though Autumn's yield

From garth and field

Run o'er from floor to rafter,

Thy wild-rose breast

Haunts all the rest,

And makes it poor with laughter.

I have posted this for three years now. It is one of the very few poems that I committed to memory when I was a child that I can still recite.


Beth said...

I don't remember that from last year! It's lovely.


FrankandMary said...

My Mom used to recite April by Grace Noll Crowell.

A high wind, a wild wind, a wet wind blowing; April running down the hill with flowers in her hair. The wayside pools are fluted grey, they will not be showing how the young girl, April, looks, when she passes there.
Now it is much longer than that, and Mom knew it all, but that is as much as I know from memory. I don't remember seeing the poem you posted previous, but it is beautiful. ~Mary

Nemokat05 said...


Joyce said...

What a beautiful sentifment. I just keep hearing that old song "April Showers" in my head lately. It must be spring fever.
Hugs, Joyce

DB said...

It's a beautiful poem. Now let's hope April starts behaving like herself.


Wes said...

Beautiful words and I can see how you would remeber it. I hope life has been good to you, and wish you a great day!


Gerry said...

That is a lovely poem to have committed to memory as a child. I learned "Daffodils" so I could recite it every spring when the daffodils bloomed. And there are a number of other memorable nature poems the poets have gifted the world with I do not know how we would have gotten along without. Gerry

Penny said...

I love it! I don't remember from last year either. I'm glad you've posted it again. Blessings, Penny