Monday, April 20, 2009

With a Music Lesson Going On in the Background

I'm sitting here listening to Andrew giving Eler Beth her music lesson and marveling that she can be corrected and instructed by him and not get frustrated when she's having trouble getting something down. She is practicing one particular tune and keeps getting the tempo wrong. Andrew talks to her as he would an equal -- he doesn't pussyfoot around when he is critiquing her. She does it right, then she does it wrong again, and, using the metronome, he demonstrates again how it should be played. Over and over they have done this and she has not gotten frustrated once. Why am I marvelling? Because if it were me correcting her on something, say a math problem, that she is having trouble with, no matter how I would handle it she would tend to get frustrated I know. (That's why quite often I let Andrew handle introducing new math concepts!) I don't know if she just doesn't want to appear juvenile to big brother or whether it's just a good day. Anyway, it is a pleasure hearing them. Andrew is going to make a good teacher some day.

I am not feeling too well today. I had an allergy-induced stuffy head and cough last week, and I think that having the wind blowing directly in my face Saturday night probably didn't do me any good. I drank a lot of hot tea last night and finally early this morning I had a cup of Thera-flu. Mostly I just feel languid and have a cough, stuffy head, and semi-stopped up ears. Thomas hasn't felt well either, but he did of course go to work today.

I was trying to think of something tasty and easy for dinner tonight and really didn't want to fix anything. But I started cleaning out my refrigerator this morning, which needed it, and discovered that I had some yellow squash and zucchini that needed to be cooked soon. So I sauteed some mushrooms, added a bit of chicken stock, and then put in sliced zucchini, yellow squash, a bit of celery and some yellow and red bell pepper. Andrew smelled it cooking and asked if I was making chicken and rice. I told him I could if he wanted me to, so I ended up pulling out some chicken breasts and adding them to the vegetables. Then I served it over rice. It was SO delicious and just perfect for someone not feeling well. It was light but satisfying and easy to digest.

It rained yesterday and most of the day today (although right now it is sunny) and is supposed to rain tomorrow, but then I believe we're in for a few dry days. I hope so because I will have to mow my yard this week for the first time this year.

I have got caught up with several blogs and continue to blog my way through others. If I haven't been around lately, fear not! I am on my way! I hope everyone has a very nice week!


Stephanie said...

That's great that she's letting him teach her! My little brother used to get really irritated with me when I tried to help him with anything. Lol

That dinner sounds really good. I love stuff like that!

I hope you feel better. I've been feeling kind of off myself.

Charley Dittrich said...

Time for the Allegra D!