Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who Was I Trying To Kid?

First of all, I haven't had time this past weekend to work on my NaNoNovel or to come up with a decent blog post. I did finish editing a short story for someone, so I guess my brain did get some exercise.
So will my muse whisper to me tomorrow? I sure hope so.

On another note, I don't know why I thought I would be calm and cool when both my kids became independent or semi-independent. Andrew has his own place and is 24 years old, and I realized this afternoon after he left our house that I was pretty much holding my breath until he called to say he'd gotten home safely. That probably won't end any time soon, will it? 

And now that Eler Beth has her license and is coming and going on her own more often my worry level has gone into full-blown MOM-mode. (And is it bad that I worry about Andrew when he's on the road more than I worry about Eler Beth? She's the better driver and has more common sense. Is that a gender thing?)

Well all my chicks are home safe (and so is the old rooster, haha) so I'm off to bed. It has been a long weekend and a long day. I'll try to get some writing done and come up with something interesting to blog about tomorrow. Or not.




Mine are in their late 30's and I still worry. You never stop.

Ken Riches said...

Cannot take the Mom out of Mom!