Friday, November 15, 2013

At The Half-Way Point

Well today is the halfway point. I'm a little behind. As of tonight my word count is 21,439, behind by 3,561. But tomorrow will be a good opportunity to make a start on getting caught up.

It's the first day of gun season here in Indiana, so Thomas and Eler Beth will be out all day from 3 in the morning. If they happen to get what they want early in the day, they may be home fairly early, but usually they make a whole day of it on opening day. I do hope they get a couple because my freezer is getting empty!

Anyway, with them gone all day and Andrew at his own place, although he may drop by for a while in the morning, I'll have the whole day to write if I want to. So I'm planning a writing marathon. My daily goal is always 1,667 words, but to catch up I would need to average 1,786 words each day. I want to get at least that tomorrow, but I'd really like to do a 3,000 word day. That would almost get me caught up. Let's hope I find some inspiration throughout the day because I'm kind of at a point in the story that is dragging a bit. I took a detour away from my outline and thought it was going to work, but now I'm not sure and don't know where to go with it.

So here's wishing all of us a good and productive day tomorrow!!

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You sound like you're doing a good job, even if you are a little behind. Hang in there.