Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ice Skating

I told Eler Beth I needed to do my blog post but didn't know what to post about. So she told me to post about the ice skating rink in town opening up this weekend. So I am.

We don't have any permanent ice skating rinks in our town, although there are a couple across the river in Louisville. But a couple years ago they put up a temporary rink in downtown Jeffersonville during the holidays, and it was so popular they left it up through most of January and then brought it back last year.

Eler Beth is a very good roller skater -- since she could walk, she could skate! And a few years ago she had her first chance at ice skating. Last year she made it to the rink here in Jeff and had such a great time! She wore her Necomimi fox ears when she went, and the little kids got a kick out of that. She's a good ice skater and is looking forward to the rink opening this Friday. 

So I'll try to get some pictures and maybe some video of her.

And hey, I'm right on track with my NaNoWriMo novel -- I'm actually a bit ahead at the moment!!

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My kids ice skated when they were younger. I couldn't do it, tried and failed. glad you are back on track.