Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Cousin is Hosting Chef Hunter

I only found out about this a few days ago.

Carrie McCully is
my first cousin, once removed, and she is hosting a show on The Food Network called Chef Hunter. It premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST. I'll have to give it a look-see.

As far as I know I have never met Carrie, although I may have seen her when she was very
young and her father came to visit our grandmother. Her father is my first cousin Eugene. Eugene's father, Coleman, was one of my father's eldest brothers. Uncle Coleman was married twice. He had one son and four (or was it five?) daughters by his first wife before she died of breast cancer. I never knew her because she died before I was born. He had three children by his second wife, and I knew all of them as they lived just down the road from us, and I went to school with them. The children from his first wife were all much older than I.

So, anyway, another cou
sin of mine posted the info about Carrie on Facebook. He is her own first cousin. His mother was one of Eugene's sisters, so he grew up with Carrie. I'm looking forward to checking out the show. Hope you'll join me!



Love The Food Network. Will have to check this out.

Rose said...

How exciting! She is a very attractive lady.

Beth said...

Cool! I'm afraid I missed it, but hope it went well!

Missie said...

I'm always watching the food network. I'll to check out that show.