Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Recommendations

A couple of books that I highly recommend:

GHOST IN THE WIRES: MY ADVENTURES AS THE WORLD'S MOST WANTED HACKER by Kenneth Rufo, published by Little, Brown, & Co., August 2011


A FIRST-RATE MADNESS: UNCOVERING THE LINKS BETWEEN LEADERSHIP AND MENTAL ILLNESS by Nassir Ghaemi, published by Penguin Press, August 2011 (It's especially interesting what he says about such leaders as Obama, Bush Jr., Blair, Lincoln, King, and Kennedy.

Both are extremely interesting reads!!! Links are to a couple reviews.

No, not exactly "Summer Reads", but they were what I was in the mood for at the time! :)


lisaschaos said...

Good to see you! I've spent a lot of time reading this summer too. :)

Yasmin said...

Hi waves:)...have you read The Help by Katie Stockett, I think you'll enjoy..x