Monday, April 12, 2010

On A Day Like Today

I've had such a nice morning!

The weather simply couldn't be better. It is 70° at the moment and very sunny with a slight breeze. I've already done a few loads of laundry and have bedclothes out on the line. I've run a few errands, spent some time with my dogs, and even visited with my new neighbor for a few minutes. (She had come out to play with her dogs, so we got to chatting.)

We are one week into the strike. I expect it to last at least two or three weeks before they even begin to talk again, and I won't be surprised if it isn't resolved. We knew this was a possibility, so we made sure we had some savings just for this situation. Of course, we had to dip into that savings a bit earlier in the year when the weather was bad and Thomas was off work because of that. But if we're careful we'll be fine for a while. They do have strike pay -- they'd better after all these years of paying union dues!

The biggest problem I'm having with the strike right now is trying to work Eler Beth's classes around fishing! Hah! They went fishing three days last week, they went yesterday (caught 19 bass), and today they're taking canoes to Scottsburg Reservoir to give it a try. They have a planned fishing trip on Thursday, but you never know when they might just up and decide to go on the spur of the moment (or "spare the moment" as Eler Beth once said) any day this week.

Mondays are always light on lessons anyway, simply because, you know, it's Monday! So we'll do something today, I just don't know when.

In the meantime it is such a gorgeous day that I can't really complain about anything. I have a couple cabinets in my kitchen that I'm planning on getting cleaned and rearranged, some grass to mow in the back yard, and some brush to cut up for Eler Beth's fire pit.

I have been keeping up with blogs so well these past two weeks. I'm very proud of myself. I've also culled out a few that I really hadn't gotten attached to. I'm so caught up, as a matter of fact, that I find myself feeling a bit at a loss once I've read all the new posts on my RSS feed.

So, I guess I'll close this post. I need to go eat something and get a little more work done. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Connie said...

Spring is always the busiest time of year.We're so glad to get out and 'do' something anything,everything.Send Eler Beth a big hug from me,bless her there nothing she does not love to do,LOL

Kattytrick said...

I thought i'd let you know that you've made my day! As I read your blog, the song "Scotch and Soda" came on. I love that song, and haven't herd it in years! Then when I got to the section where you were talking about your bedcloths being on the line...I could almost smell them! I love that fresh clean smell! For us it's been a glummy rainy day...I was feeling ho-hum...& now I'm not! Thanks! (and good luck with the strike okay?)...winks & Hugs...Kittie

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Such tough choices, glad you are enjoying the spring and hope the strike does not last to long :o)

Paula said...

You have a wonderful week too. This glorious weather almost makes yard work fun.

Anonymous said...

keeping busy and even enjoying time with the family during this strike business is a good thing..or you could all sit around and moan and groan about the situation...??? but don't forget about just sitting somewhere..outside??? with a good book...time to relax deserve it...and then you will be ready to cook all that great fish when it gets home LOLOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora

lisaschaos said...

I wish I could get caught up. Seems I'm perpetually behind, lol. 19 fish in one day?! Impressive!