Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Well!

The little rabbit didn't make it. It was doing so well, and just all of a sudden it started getting weak and it was lying on its side in a strange way. Then its breathing got shallow, and it died. Eler Beth is doing okay. She's a tough young lady, and she knew it is usually hard to save one that young. But she gave it a try, and I wouldn't want her to ever miss an opportunity to work with a hurt, abandoned, or orphaned animal, because I absolutely know that that's what she's going to be doing in some form or another when she's grown.

Oh well, I have kitten formula and all kinds of cages and tanks and other supplies ready for whatever she's called on to take care of next.

And Samantha, the leopard gecko is doing very well.

5 comments: said...

I'm sorry. It is hard to keep wild animals alive like that.
hope you have a great weekend.


Sorry to hear about the little bunny. Your daughter will find something else to occupy her time. There was a nest of bunnies, here... our lawnmower nearly got. Thank goodness we missed it.

Anonymous said... that Eler Beth will be a great animal caretaker one day and a great Vet too is that is her desire...not many kids around like me...I enjoy looking at pictures of animals..and enjoy the zoo...but don't want to get to close to them LOLOL...a real no no for this city girl...nuttin that crawls, creeps, jumps, or moves to quickly is a good thing in my book LOLOL...glad you are well prepared with food etc...I have a feeling you will need it LOL...and about that "country home"...sounds good to me!!!! God Bless...hugs..Ora

ADB said...

Full marks for effort, sorry about the outcome.

natalie said...

I'm glad that the gecko is sorry about the rabbit!
WE lost a dog too