Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hell just froze over, Pigs are flying everywhere, and Elvis is alive and well and singing Blue Suede Shoes in my backyard!!

My husband just joined Facebook!!

First he said, "I guess you'd better teach me how to use this thing," one day about three years ago, eyeing the desktop doubtfully.

Then I introduced him to Youtube. Next came Craigslist. Or was it the other way around? I can't remember.

He's been denying for several months now that he'd ever have a Facebook account. The kids and I just smiled at one another knowingly.

Last week one of his oldest friends in the world asked him if he had a Facebook account, and he visibly weakened. "It's just a matter of time," I whispered to Eler Beth.

A few days ago a co-worker (who, like Thomas, has some free time on his hands for a while {!!!} ) asked him the same question.

Today he was on the phone with another co-worker who has been going fishing with him and Eler Beth. They had a trip planned for today, as a matter of fact. And I heard him say, in this order of progression: "No, I'm not on Facebook." "Yeah, I guess I'll probably get on there one day." "I'll have to have Lori set me up an account." "Okay, I'll probably have her do that today."

So I got him set up, did his profile the way he wanted it, set his privacy settings, showed him how to "hide" applications without hiding the person, found him some "friends", and showed him some basic navigation around his home page. I very helpfully put a shortcut on the toolbar of his browser. He even let me put a picture of him in his profile!

I'm so proud of him!


Gerry said...

Your headline caused me to rush right over here to see what could be going on. I agree, this is quite an event when a person in our lives decides to learn to navigate the Internet. Yesterday Doc asked for his e-mail address, but did not even ask me to take him there. He is now going to my blog so he can read my memoir chapters as I write them. I love Facebook because of all the great family photos of people I might have gone to school with but haven't seen in years. I can slip over and catch up without even seeming nosey if they have decided to display them on Facebook. It was worth getting on Facebook for this alone. And connecting to friends far away who don't have time to blog. I thought you handled him just right!

Missie said...

My husband hasn't given into the FB craze yet but I know it's just a matter of time! LOL

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That explains what I had to clean off my windshield :o)

Martha said...

LOL! Even I haven't taken the facebook plunge but better tell him to enjoy it while he can, I heard they are going to start charging a fee!


Now if you could only help me do it too. LOL I've been resisting joining for a while now.

Lisa said...

Great headline!! LOL welcome to hubby with computers, you tube and facebook.... did you warn him about how addicting it is???
Lisa in KY

Nelishia said...

Your opening line was great and had me laughing right away. I couldn't wait to read what had happened. It's so great when they come around, isn't it? I introduced Dirk to blogging over three years ago and he's better at it than I am. And does it more often. He's a Facebook addict too now. We're good influences on them I think.

alphawoman said...

How funny. My hubs will not get on FB. I'm not sure why. Who would find him that he would not want to be found by?

Lisa said...

I had a great big laugh at your headline!! Way to go Thomas!! It sounds like he already knows how to do more than I do on FB. LOL
I hope he enjoys his time online.

Nance said...

Hi, Lori! Worked my way over from Beth's blog. I've enjoyed "I Stand Corrected" for a while, already. Congratulations on mentoring your spouse into the digital communication world. Facebook is fun, sometimes boring (at least until WE have something to share) and a rite of passage for anyone over forty these days. If I knew a name, I'd Friend him! Looking forward to visiting Dusty Pages again.

lisaschaos said...

How neat! I like that my husband finally joined the crowd too. :) We sit next to each other chatting while fbing. :)

marigolds2 said...

But, my question is this - where is YOUR FB page? I can't find a FB badge on here anywhere. You can find mine on my Quid Nunc? blog.

Anonymous said...

well computers and the internet is the way to go...and some say a fee will be charged soon...if so..I am gone!!! LOL....remember when you opened an account somewhere or at the doctor's office they asked for your SS#...???? now they ask for your email address LOL...and remember when motels advertised indoor swimming pools etc...now they have Internet connections advertised LOL...we live in an amazing world...hope Thomas enjoys his Facebook....hugs from Ora in KY

JCWillow99@gmail.com said...

Good for your hubby. I loved your title and could not help but laugh.
What would our hubbys do without us to keep them current on computer..
Hope you have a good weekend.
xox, Cassie

Beth said...

Nicely done, Thomas (well, and Lori)! I'm still trying to convince my one sister and her husband to get on there, but have had no luck yet. It's an amazing way to stay in touch with friends and family!

natalie said...

Dear Lori,
that is wonderful!
way to go!
ounds like he will be having a lot fo fun!