Friday, January 30, 2009

Interesting Icicles

Take a look at this.

Not too strange, you say?

I'm standing right beneath a telephone line,
looking straight up, with the clouds up above me.

Isn't it strang
e that the icicles formed off to the side inside of straight down?

Guess whose o
bservant little eyes discovered this. I would never have thought to look up at the phone line.


ADB said...

Must have been windy, Lori

Beth said...

Those were some nasty winds!

Leigh said...

Great photos of the telephone wire. The last one really shows the effects of the wind.
Hope things are getting back to normal now.

:) Leigh

Gerry said...

Strange indeed. I enjoyed the photos.

natalie said...

wow that is just crazy!

Char said...

Nice pics, who da thought?

Indigo said...

I've never seen icicles freeze sideways. You must of had some harsh wind blowing...(Hugs)Indigo

Rose said...

cool! mine are huge hanging off my house!

Missie said...

Amazing! I never saw anything like that before.

Lisa said...