Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Already The Sixth!?

I actually visited and commented on 26 blogs this evening. It is rainy and chilly and gloomy today, and there is a chance of some snow showers tonight. I have a cat sitting on my chest, purring, with his nose tucked under my chin. So I haven't any right to complain have I? Life is good as long as you have a cat on your chest, right?

Haven't felt much like writing here lately, but it'll come back to me I'm sure. All are well in my family. Thomas is working hard and back to a regular schedule following the topsy turvy of the holidays. Eler Beth is s l o w l y getting back into the swing of a regular schedule (but I may not have any hair left by the end of the week!). Andrew is having a hard time finding a decent part-time job to help pay his school expenses, but he's hanging in there, and we're not forsaking him. And I am here. Eler Beth is very proud of her new genuine pearls (that she didn't think she was getting until she was 13), and Andrew is very appreciative of his new data phone (unlimited texting and internet -- what more could a 19-year-old want!). My mother is well; my brother is fine, but has another surgery coming up soon; my sister P.J. was just given the local tax prep office to manage; my other sisters are fine; our young friends whose mother committed suicide have had a hard few months, but are hanging in there.

Don't you just love Dave Guard's voice singing that first song on my playlist? It sounds like whiskey sliding over ice, doesn't it?

I have a video for everyone to watch. This is Uncle Jay doing a wrap up of the year's news. Enjoy!


sober white women said...

All must be right in the world if you have a cat sleeping on your chest!
Amber is also having a hard time finding a part time job to help pay her bills. What is it? These kids need to work and earn money.
Oh well, I am sure something will come their way.

Joyce said...

Been missing you but sure understand. There are times when I just have to make myself do an entry 'cause it's been so long. And other times, I seem to have a lot to say. lol. Happy New Year anyway.
Hugs, Joyce

Lynne said...

I watched "Uncle Jay", what a hoot! LOL

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I had a similar entry due to the doggie in your life. Next will be the independence of the cats world. I miss your entries and miss you. Hoping all is well. Take care and know that I'm thinkin of you.

Leigh said...

I've listened twice now, you're right-smooth.
I'm glad to see some normalcy return.
What better way to spend a winter evening than with a buddy snuggled up and purring, I'm jealous.

:) Leigh

Joann said...

That Uncle Jay video was GREAT!!! I love it!! Glad to hear that you are doing well!!

Lisa said...

All IS well when a cat is napping on your chest (or anywhere near you for that matter!).

I LOVED Uncle Jay - that was totally awesome. Thank you for sharing that.

Glad all is well with the family and Eler Beth is happy with her pearls...nice!!

Good to see you, I've missed you.

Yasmin said...

Hey Lori, nice to see a post from you and glad to read all is well for you.

Take care


Barbara said...

Pearls! What a classy lady-like gift. I know she'll look so sophisticated in them.

lisaschaos said...

A cat purring on chest has to be about as good as a baby sleeping there. :)

That video is funny!

Jmoqueen said...

Glad everything is well in your household Lori x

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Happiness is a warm kitty sleeping anywhere it wants to on you... except your head which is where one of my kitties likes to sleep.


Lisa said...

Yes January seems to have flown by! I love the music in your blog. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Hope you have a fantastic new year in 2009! Hug the cat for me. I love it when Dakota snuggles up to me too.

FrankandMary said...

These days I have 2 cats napping on me whenever they can guilt me into it, which is often.

Traci said...

I've not been moved to write much either. I'm pulling my hair out with Emma and her school work too! She just has had too much time off!

chefkelly25 said...

Sounds like whiskey sliding over ice. I like the way you put that!
Glad everyone is doing well.

Gerry said...

Glad to catch up with what you are all doing back there in the snow and cold. Elerbeth back to school again. I think that is endearing that she wanted real pearls. I know she will wear them with great pleasure if she wanted them that badly. Gerry