Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wrap-up of my Week

It has been a very interesting week.

Last Sunday we went ou
t to eat with two other families at Asian Buffet in Clarksville, even though Thomas hadn't been feeling too well. We'd never been to the Asian Buffet, and neither of us is a very big fan of Chinese food, but this place was really nice. Their buffet was large, priced reasonably, the food was delicious, and the service was very prompt and courteous. I stuffed myself, of course.

By Monday morning Thomas had decided that he'd better go to the doctor, and he very rarely does that. He had the beginning of sinus and throat infections, so he came home with an antibiotic. Tuesday is when our bad weather started. We lost power for just a couple of hours overnight, and that was it. We have friends and family who were without power for 33 and 48 hours.

Thomas worked Monday, even though he was sick -- that is typical of him. So I was a little glad that they didn't work Tuesday or Wednesday. I figured it would give him a little time to rest and get to feeling better. He still managed to take Eler Beth and her cousins sledding on Wednesday. He sat in the warm truck watching while they sledded. They always go to a certain spot here in town, and I know that Eler Beth had a great time because she told me so when she got home -- but she put an entry in her blog (entitled "Emergancy") putting out a call for more sledding spots in our area, that her usual one was too boring. lol

I'm a little surprised that not one of us went stir crazy while Thomas was home all week. He handled it very well, and normally he'd not only be horrified at the loss of money, but he'd be climbing the walls for lack of anything "productive" to do. But he rested, we watched movies, cooked, and he took the kids out in the 4-wheel drive and they did doughnuts in empty parking lots, as well as sledding. He took Eler Beth and her cousins sledding again on Thursday, and the youngest one busted Eler Beth's favorite sled that she's had for years. And it was probably on purpose, because she'd been acting out and trying to run it into a tree the whole time they were there. She never apologised or acted sorry at all, and that, I'm afraid, is typical of this one. After Uncle Thomas was finished giving her a big talking-to I don't think she'll do anything like that again.

No sledding on Friday, but on Saturday a friend and his son invited Thomas and Eler Beth to go sledding one more time before all the snow was gone, and they had a good time (with a new sled). We had sun off and on Saturday and warmer temps, so everything started melting. It was neat seeing little icicles sprinkling the yard and drive.

Today our temperature got up to 50° with lots of sunshine. It actually felt like spring outside, except for that cold snow on the ground. Eler Beth has felt bad all day; she's sneezing, tired, and achy, and that's just how Thomas' started. She slept most of the day, and I fed her soup and lots of juice. She'll probably end up having to go to the doctor too.

Today would have been my parents' 62nd wedding anniversary if my father were still alive. They celebrated their 55th anniversary before he died.

It was a fairly decent Super Bowl tonight. We were rooting for the Cardinals (which was very strange for me, a UK Wildcat fan, to root for any team called the Cardinals -- if you live in Kentuckiana, you'll completely understand that!). We didn't have any ties to either team, but I thought it would be nice for the Cardinals to win since this was their first trip to the Super Bowl. They came so close and played a great game.

Hopefully Thomas will be back to work tomorrow. They're going to have to do snow removal before anyone can do his regular job out in the yard, so Thomas will probably try to help with that since he can't do any inspecting if there's nothing to inspect. I think we're supposed to get some snow, but not the big snow they were afraid we'd get. I don't mind more snow, but I really hope we don't get any more ice. I'm hoping Eler Beth will feel well enough to do some school work tomorrow, because last week was pretty much a bust in that department with the exception of Monday.

Well, this has been a pretty boring entry, serving the purpose of documentation mostly with no entertainment value at all. So I'll close now. I hope that everyone is safe and warm and getting ready to have a great week ahead.


Amy said...

The Cooties have been running amok at my house, too. Luckily, we were able to space out who got sick in decent intervals. I hope Eler Beth bounces back quickly! This year's seems to be a hanger-on.

Paula said...

I've been reading lots of snowy journals lately. Think I may feel hemmed in if the snow lasted long having not ever lived where it snows often. Our last one was 1985 and if I remember correctly it only lasted over a week-end. Our house was broken into on Monday after thats why I remember it so well.

Joyce said...

I love, love Chinese food and have eaten in Clarksville before, but at the Olive Garden there. This has been the season of yo-yo temps huh? It's 60 one day and 30 the next. I'm glad you didn't lose your power for very long.
Hugs, Joyce

Beth said...

Sounds like maybe Thomas is learning to appreciate a little downtime...? Good for him!

I was cheering for the Cardinals, too. Partly because they were the underdogs, partly because I'm not a Steelers fan, and partly because I'm a Ball State Cardinal! Great game to watch, although I wanted Arizona to win.

I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

Hugs, Beth

sober white women said...

I do hope that your hubby gets to feeling better. I think I have what he has! ICK.
I have not been sledding in ages.

Martha said...

Sometimes it's nice to have an entry telling just the regular stuff thats been going on.
Sorry I haven't be around lately - busy, busy, busy!! Just here to catch up a bit and say hi.
Stay warm! Hugs! :-)

Traci said...

I'm glad you didn't lose power for too long. So many still don't have any and won't for weeks. Crazy. I went to Russelville, KY on Saturday and saw so many trees snapped and ice still on the trees. Hope Thomas is feeling better!

Lisa said...

Oh what a shame about the sled, that is a rotten thing to do. I'm glad Thomas gave her a good talking to.

I miss sledding - I would have to sled in the buffalo field now and since they can run about 30-35 mph they would catch me!! LOL.

Your week sounds fun, not boring in the least.

ADB said...

It's an account of your life, and need not necessarily be entertaining. Your temps were higher than hours this past week lol

Gerry said...

When the snowbowl gets snow in Flagstaff people all over rush up there to ski so I am always happy for them and they just got 2 feet. I love fathers who take their kids out for snow activities. I think that makes it special. I still remember my father and his brother, Uncle Reed, taking all their kids skating on the pond. It wasn't frozen around the edges but both of them were good skaters. Uncle Reed's leg would go through the ice and he would pull it out and go on skating, but his daughter got too close to the edge and fell clear through and that ended that memorable skating trip! I am sure it is best to enjoy it if you have snow!