Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What A Day!

Well, from just before noon we were glued to the TV. Since Eler Beth is doing American History this six weeks, I decided that watching the inauguration would be her lesson for the day. And, amazingly, apart from the usual points of discussion one would expect when watching a Presidential Inauguration, we learned a lot of interesting, rather off-topic things as well.

For instance, the bayonets on the rifles carried by the Revolutionary War-costumed men in the parade caught my daughter's eye and she had questions about those. She had forgotten that Thomas has a bayonet, so we had to get that out and examine it and do some research on when they were first used and how they were used. Rather grim, perhaps, but history, nonetheless.

The Presidential Limousine didn't look like she thought a limousine should look ("There are only four doors!", said the girl who once won a trip to Pizza Hut in a stretch limousine with at least six doors, and enough room for 20 classmates to sit.). So we looked up the different types of limousines and discussed how "limousine" is a style and not a specific make of vehicle. And by the way, that was a 2009 GM/Cadillac limousine and is the first not to carry a specific model name. I recognized the emblem as being Cadillac, but had never seen that body style before either. We learned a lot about limousines today!

Then she wondered if there were any fish in the reflecting pool in front of the Washington Monument (and if so, can you fish there? Ha! She's her Daddy's girl, all right!). We found out how the pool is in very bad shape, along with most of that area, and often doesn't reflect anything because of algae and goose droppings.

Yes, it has been an historic day in more ways than one.


Pamela said...

What fun things to learn! Sounds like you both had a wonderful day.

Beth said...

I enjoyed learning about the limo, too, and how protected it is. 5-inch thick body armor, bulletproof glass, special "run flat" tires, its own air supply, etc.

Have you all ever been to D.C. together? It's an amazing experience. It's interesting enough to learn about history in school, but to go there and actually SEE documents like the Constitution, to walk in the same halls as some of our most brilliant and beloved politicians...well, it adds a whole new dimension to things, and an appreciation that will stick with you. I hope you can do that one day, if you haven't!

Seeing all the festivities yesterday made me want to go back for another visit! There is SO much to see.

It's a little overcast today, but I feel all sunshiny. LOL Kind of silly, I suppose, but I'm just going to go with it and enjoy it!

Hugs, Beth

Missie said...

I think it's great that you were able to learn some intresting things like that. That's true learning!!

Joyce said...

Pretty interesting stuff. And great that you and your daughter could spend that kind of time looking up interesting facts.
Hugs, Joyce

Jmoqueen said...

That sounds like a really good day!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What great teachings and lessons you had yesterday :o)

Janie said...

Very interesting. Both of you did a great job at looking up things. Hope you both have a great week. Janie

Bill said...

Eler Beth is very observant and curious. I like that. I wonder if there will be any money to fix the Reflecting Pool or will someone start a campaign to raise private funds for the repairs.
It appears you all enjoyed the festivities as much as Libby and I did. I am happy for that.
My Regards, Bill

Lisa said...

What a wonderful learning experience! I wanted to watch it with my children too and was disappointed to find out the school had all ready shown it to the kids during the school day. Maybe we can watch some of the parade together that I recorded. Hugs,

Leigh said...

What a wonderful experience and learning opportunity for Eler Beth. Probably the most memorable history lesson she'll ever learn.
I saw part of a report on the construction of the Presidential limousine, very interesting stuff. I didn't have to opportunity to watch live, I was working-actually enroute to a client's house during the actual swearing in.

:) Leigh

Traci said...

Sounds like a day well spent!