Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(Regal) Bryant Helms, 8 Weeks Old

Here are a few pics of Bryant that Eler Beth took when we got him, and he was only eight weeks old.  He'll be eleven weeks old tomorrow, and I can't believe how much he has grown in just three weeks. Eler Beth is going to get some updated photos of him tomorrow.

                                                                   Look at those big paws!

We couldn't get him to hold his head up to get a good picture -- he was so sleepy -- so I had to hold it up for him.  

He's a sweetie.  He plays hard and he sleeps hard, and he learns fast.  Eler Beth has taught him to sit on command, spoken or hand signal, to give his paw, and know the house rules and his boundaries, although he's still enough of a puppy to see if he can get away with ignoring them. He has sweet, intelligent eyes, and his eyes are always on your eyes when you're talking to him. He's very eager to please.  If you say "go outside" he races to the door! Sometimes he's so worn out from playing that he puts himself to bed in his crate.  But most of the time he just flops down asleep wherever he happens to be.  He lets you know when he needs to go outside to do his "business", and adores Eler Beth.  I'm glad she asked for him and glad Thomas said yes, because all of us love him completely already!


Lisa said...

I LOVE him!!! He is absolutely precious and he does look smart. Hand signals are good to teach, I've had two dogs lose their hearing and the hand signals have been wonderful.

More pictures please!!!! As soon as I saw your blog name I rushed over to see if you put the pics up.

Jeanie said...

He is adoreable! Very intelligent too!
Definitely a keeper! As Lisa says...'more pictures please'!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. You don't see the omnipotent brilliance? Irresistible.

Ken Riches said...

What a cutie :o)