Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Then And Now

This was Bryant at eight weeks old.



And this one was taken on Friday, February 1, when he turned three months old, in the very same spot.  What a difference five weeks make!! Wonder just how big he's going to get!

I don't know what he was watching Eler Beth doing in this pictures, but this is how he looks when he's watching me mix pancake batter.  I love it when they tilt their heads when they watch you, trying to figure out what you're doing.  I hope he always does this. 


Jeanie said...

He has really grown! I don't think he will ever loose that curious look whenever something new or strange is going on around him. He looks a smart puppy.
I always tend to look at a puppy's paws. If they are big by comparison to the rest of his puppy body, then expect a big dog. He has lovely markings. I hope you have a great time watching him grow and interacting with your family. I miss my late Border Collie. He was a smart dog. Almost human methinks. lol

Ken Riches said...

Freeking Cute!