Saturday, January 12, 2013

70° in January!!!

I'm flabbergasted by this weather. It has been in the high 60s for the past three days; it actually hit 70° in our area today, and tomorrow night the temps are going to plunge back into normal December numbers. Wacky, WACKY weather!!!

Lots going on around here. My Mom had her gall bladder out in December. She turned 89 while she was in the hospital. She also had to have some stones removed from a bile duct. Everything went well, and after 10 days in the hospital she went home to be pampered. She's still taking it easier than she normally would, but she's doing very well.

We got a new addition to the family -- an 8-week-old pup. He is half Australian Shepherd and half Basset hound. He's the handsomest thing and so well-natured. He's already bonded with Eler Beth and wants nothing better than to please her.  She named him Bryant after a video game character named Regal Bryant. I told her people would think she named him after Kobe, but she said she didn't care.  He was 8 weeks when we got him, and he turned two months old on the first of January.  He has quadrupled in size!!

And I guess that's about it. We've all had colds. I went to the doctor last week for meds for mine.  Had that stomach thing back in December, too.  Everyone is working hard, either at work or on school work.  And I got a very interesting offer to do a ghost-writing projectIt's about the best story idea I've been given in a very long time. So I'm looking forward to exploring the possibility. Haven't decided yet. It would be very time-consuming, but it's a really, really intriguing storyline. So we'll see.

Guess that's all for now.  More later. 


Ken Riches said...

New Pup sounds adorable, must post pictures!

Paula said...

So glad your Mom is doing well and you all are over your ills. Hope you enjoy your writing.

ADB said...

That's not healthy, 70F in January. Good to hear everybody is doing well, and enjoy the puppy!

Lisa said...

It has been a wacky weather period. My animals don't know if they should grow hair or shed!

Please post pics of the pup!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your Mom is on the mend. Also glad she is being pampered.

Someone was complaining in the elevator that it was sooooo cold. I said it is about 45, in Jan, in New Jersey. She said: But it has been so nice.

Give people a little extra warmth & then want it to last, until summer at least..then they want it to cool down.